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Mar 14, 2011 10:35 AM

Advice for Biko and Azul de Condesa

Heading to Mexico City in 3 weeks and I'd like to have dinner at both Biko and Azul Condesa. Do I need to make reservations before hand? Azul would be on a Monday night and Biko would be on a Friday eve.

I'm assuming I probably do for both. Is this something that needs to be done well in advance or can I get my hotel to make the reservations for me when I land (only there for 5 days so the reservations would only be a day or two in advance)

I've tried to make online reservations for both (as I did for Pujol) but they don't seem to have this service.

I suppose I can call (from Canada) to book but my Spanish is poor at best.


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  1. Email me with specifics (date, time, # of people) at and I'll call for you. I live within walking distance of Azul/Condesa.

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      Thank you so kindly for your offer. I just tried to email you but I got a bounce back. Is your email address above correct?

      1. re: jrabbit2727

        Sorry, I see that I made a typo.

    2. I'm also going to Mexico City soon and there is an Open Table for Mexico City that I found, which is good because then you can book and not worry about the Spanish. Not all of the restaurants are there, obviously, but here is a list: Where I can use it, i will. Are you staying at a hotel? You can always ask them to help too.