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Mar 14, 2011 10:34 AM

Cook Yourself Thin

Have any of y'all seen this show? Tried any of the recipes? I am hesitant... They did do Mac and Cheese in individual ramekins for portion control, which I thought was a good idea and made for a nice presentation. Anxious to hear what y'all think!

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  1. I enjoyed the show a great deal, but only caught one epi thus far. The food looked good, unlike Hungry Girl's craptastic recipes. I'm thinking specifically of "pizza" that she made from topping what was essentially a flat egg omlette with sauce and cheese (maybe mushrooms). Ugh, call it an open omlette or call it a frittata, but for everything sacred and holy, do not call it pizza!

    1. Is this show still on? I remember watching it about a year ago and then it just ended.

      Anyway, I made a few of the recipes- a pasta dish and a frittata. Don't remember the specifics, but both came out good.