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Mar 14, 2011 10:07 AM

BYOB in Austin and Central Texas

I had a friend ask about BYOB spots at a dinner party last night and thought I had seen postings on Chowhound but I searched and didn't find a current thread on this topic. If you know of some BYOB restaurants, would you please post and help me compile a list for her? I think it would benefit lots of us.

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  1. there is always the original Salt Lick in driftwood.. it has good food, is byob, and isnt far from austin (especially if you are south)

      1. re: Steven Dilley

        OK, so the link didn't work for me but I was able to copy and paste the link and it opened there. Thank you!

      2. A new wonderful addition is the 'Goodnight Diner" in Dripping Springs. Upscale comfort food served in a country atmosphere with both great food and BYOB value. Open for dinner Wed. thru Sun.

        1. The link didn't work for me, either, but one of my favorite restaurants, Texas French Bread, is BYOB. The food their is local and delicious! Here is the link, the menu changes:

          1. Try this:


            If not, my post from the earlier thread:

            Uchi and Uchiko both allow corkage and have featured some good beef, duck, and rabbit dishes recently, often as part of a daily special. Wink usually has duck, venison, and beef on the menu. All three restaurants have proper stems and wine service.

            Other options include Aquarelle, Asti, Chez Nous. Though you might want to consider bringing your own stems to the latter.