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Mar 14, 2011 09:20 AM

Restaurants in the Franklin, Virginia area?

We regularly travel from Brooklyn, NY to the Franklin, VA area to visit family. Looking for some new dining options (no more Applebees!). So far our favorites are For Pete's Sake in Courtland and Fred's Restaurant in downtown Franklin. We liked Southern Sisters in Courtland but last time we were there it had closed down.

Any suggestions for new places to try? Thanks.

For Pete's Sake
23201 Main St, Courtland, VA 23837

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  1. On the map, it looks like there are several options for you to get to Wakefield, VA on Rt. 460. It would be a little bit of a drive, but not too far. In Wakefield, there is the Virginia Diner which is famous for old Virginia southern style food. A few miles past Wakefield on Rt. 460 is the town of Waverly. Cowlings BBQ is on the right just before Waverly, and has very good BBQ. Again, a small trip for good food.

    Virginia Diner
    Highway 460, Wakefield, VA 23888

    1. If you're into seafood, give Dockside a try. It's been a while since I've been there and had heard that they had gone significantly downhill for a while, but my parents report that they're back on the upswing. Grey Fox Restaurant has some interesting southern dishes. There used to also be a couple of good Southern food places in the downtown area, but unfortunately I don't think many of them have survived.

      If you do get to Wakefield, the Virginia Diner has buffets several nights of the week and has a great breakfast buffet on the weekends. There's also an italian restaurant, Guiseppe's right off of the 460 / 40 intersection in Waverly and a reasonably good Mexican restaurant on the other side of 460 at the same intersection.

      If you can drive into Suffolk, there are several good restaurants along Main St. Baron's Pub has a good bar feel. George's Steakhouse is a local staple. Primo 116 and Pisces are new downtown, and Vintage Tavern is relatively new with great food.

      George's Steakhouse
      1260 Holland Rd, Suffolk, VA 23434

      Primo 116
      116 W Washington St, Suffolk, VA 23434

      Baron's Pub & Restaurant
      500 High St, Portsmouth, VA 23704

      Vintage Tavern
      1900 Governors Pointe Dr, Suffolk, VA 23436

      Virginia Diner
      Highway 460, Wakefield, VA 23888

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        Thanks foodjack and ForFoodsSake -- these look terrific! We will definitely check some of these places out this weekend.

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          Good luck! I lived near the Franklin area long enough to know that Applebee's gets old fast!

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          I used to live in Murfreesboro, NC (circa 1987-1992) and Dockside was very good back then. I have not thought of that place in years.

        3. Did you get to go anywhere (aside from Applebee's!) while you were here?

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            We went to Cowlings -- thanks so much for the recommendation! It was great, just what we were looking for. It will definitely be on our list for the future. We also went to Fred's again, for breakfast, which I like. And my 5 year old discovered biscuits at Hardees, so that was a big hit of the trip too. Thanks again!