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Mar 14, 2011 09:19 AM

French confiture in Sacramento?

My girlfriend and I are pining for a breakfast made of demi-baguettes, confiture, and beurre (if we can find the real French stuff in the US).

One thing we're not really able to find is the confiture. Though suggestions for real French bread and butter are also welcome.

Any ideas?


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  1. Can't help with a Sacto shop, but you can order them from Ebay...

    1. Village Bakery in Davis makes quite authentic French bread.
      For confiture, I assume you are looking for home-made types,
      I would recommemd taking a drive to Apple Hill just beyond
      Placerville. There are many merchants there selling a wide
      variety of berries jams.

      If you are less picky, I think the French bread at Nugget Market
      stores is adequate, and Nugget Market carries some jams
      made in France.

      Nugget Markets
      130 Browns Valley Pkwy, Vacaville, CA 95688

      1. I'd second the bread suggestion. Or Grateful Bread here in Sacto. When we were in France many years ago, the jam was nearly always Bonne Maman either from the jar or could see the jars in the kitchen area. My favorite French butter is Pamplie beurre de baratte. Very rich and salty. It's available at the Co-op, Nugget and Corti Bros and prolly Whole Foods. Bread-butter-jam-coffee... Yumm