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Mar 14, 2011 08:53 AM

Client Luncheon

I would like to entertain about 20 clients in the Pentagon area. Does anyone have any recommendations? I want it to be nice, upscale and somewhat private.

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  1. Are you looking for something local? If not, there are a few "expense account" type of restaurants in Crystal City that should fit your need. These are either a quick cab ride from the Pentagon or just a few blocks from the metro station. I'm thinking Ruth's Chris, McCormick & Schmidt, or Restaurant Kora. I don't think any of these are anything particularly unique, but the food is generally good, the service is generally good, and the atmosphere is upscale and private.

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      Thank you! I was originally thinking something local to make it "easy" for my clients to get to over lunch. My fear is that if it is too far they will not attend. Are the places you recommended open for lunch? I may have to go that route if nothing else pans out...thanks again!

      1. re: lgoodley

        When I asked if you wanted something "local" I meant did you want something that is unique to this area? Both Ruth's Chris and M&S are national chain restaurants, but Kora is a local restaurant. All three are close to the Pentagon.

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          Local to what? If you're talking THE Pentagon, there's really nothing within an easy walk. Peons who don't get a close-in parking space might have close to a mile walk from the far corners of a Pentagon lot.

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          I think Kora has a private dining room.

        3. Attached to Pentagon City Mall is a Ritz Carlton Hotel. This is their on site restaurant:

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            Thank you! I just downloaded their menu.