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Mar 14, 2011 08:46 AM

KC: what's good at Werner's meat market in Mission?

I have a Groupon coupon for Werner's. I've looked at their website -- they seem to have a wide selection. I have no idea what to get. Sausage? Smoked pork chops? Are they famous for something in particular? Any recommendations?


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  1. I've only had their brats and a few different kinds of sausages. I don't remember specific names but I liked every one I had. I don't know about in the SNOW, but on Saturdays they grill a variety of sausages outside.

    1. I'd go with pretty much any of their sausages. I really like the andouille and my dad always requests I bring bier brats w/cheese when I go home. If you've never been before, I recommend getting a variety of the sausages they have in the front case so you can see what you like. I'm pretty sure the groupon excludes buying grilled sausages from the street on Saturdays (yes, they have them in the snow or rain, you just buy them indoors).

      1. Before I knew that the grill days were Thursday and Saturday, I went in and had a reuben. The corned beef was tender and lean. I could have used more, but the price fit the size. Since that visit, I have been for grilled sausage on Saturday and for italian steak on Wednesday. Everything, including the service, has been really great.

        1. I love all their sausages, esp the smoked polish. Plus, don't skip their potato salad. It's in their cold refrig section, and it is super! No eggs, just a delish potato salad. You can't go wrong with the food in this place.

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            Werners potato sausages are really good as well if you like a mild sausage. I love them.

          2. Thanks, everyone. My husband went today and got a selection of sausages, some German mustard, and something else -- maybe sauerkraut. Looks like we'll be doing some grilling soon.