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jazz up grilled cheese

my lil one loves grilled cheese, but im looking for some variations & maybe some more "adult" versions since i often eat it too when she does. she actually likes sharp cheese & will mix cheddar & parm & things like that. like her dad, shes loves it with pickles & ketchup, but i need some variety asap :)

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  1. A really simple way to enhance what you're doing right now is to add a smear of mayo and dijon (or other) mustard. The flavors meld together as the cheese melts and it's something that makes people go hmmm....in a good way!
    sun dried tomatoes

    1. So many great ideas if you scroll down below the tags to some (already extensive) threads that pop up as relevant to that you're seeking. (like "Grilled Cheese-favorite variations?" and the aptly-named "Grilled Cheese Sandwiches" :)

      One of my favorite variations right now is sharp cheddar on whole wheat, and to spread a little maple mustard on the outside so it caramelizes as it toasts up in the pan. If you're into mixing sweet and savory flavors.....

      1. I really don't think there are more possibilities than have already been suggested here:

        1. My favorite is bacon and swiss with a little country style dijion.
          roasted red pepper and provolone
          sliced artichoke hearts
          black olives
          thin slice of pre-cooked eggplant
          pickled jalapenos

          There is a fine line between a grilled cheese and a panini.

          1. my favorite is cheddar, granny smith apple, dijon mustard on one slice of bread, grainy on the other.

            caught a cooking channel show about cheese (think it was foodcrafters, but cc website made it hard to confirm). anyway, some great idea from the american grilled cheese kitchen in san francisco: the piglet sounds quite enticing.


            1. Pickled peppadews are wonderful, and would go even better with pepperjack.

              1. JalapeƱos are a great addition for grilled cheese, though that might take a little getting used to for a young one (keeping in mind that in serious chili-eating countries, children eat quite hot peppers from a very young age so it's not as crazy an idea as it might seem).

                One variation I like a lot for breakfast is to toast an english muffin until it's lightly browned, then lay the halves face-up on a sheet of aluminum foil, top each half with sharp cheddar and pickled jalapeƱo slices and put them in the toaster oven on top brown until the cheese is melted. Yum!

                1. Fontina with guava jelly.
                  Manchego (mixed with jack) with thin slices of spanish chorizo.
                  Swiss and dill with sliced cornichons.

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                    What mc said, plus:

                    Consider being creative about the bread you're using. I love a great sharp cheddar on cinnamon-raisin bread; all crispy without and oozy deliciousness within, with little sweet shocks from the raisin. Open-faced pumpkin or banana-nut bread, or zuchinni bread, is teriffic with Colby or Swiss - especially with the banana, the Swiss cheese really plays up the nuttiness and the banana gives the cheese a great dimension.

                    Might she enjoy a tuna melt? My kids loved those and they still do.Ggrilled cheese with some thinly-sliced tomato is delicious. Finally, you can make a nice cheese sauce and let her at it with some cubed French bread and veg. dippers - not GC, but a good play on it.
                    Hope this helps!

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                      lurrrrrve tuna melts, if they're done right, which i'm sure, chez vouz, is always the case.

                    1. Try gruyere and mustard, nothing melts like gruyere.

                      1. When I join my kids in having grilled cheese mine includes pesto and proscuitto, sometime a few julienned sd tomatoes. I usually use asiago and a little parm, but sometimes mozarella if that's all I have on hand.