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Mar 14, 2011 08:15 AM


favorita bagel places on long island???? good, homemade bagels too, no generic stuff that i could find in the freezer section. i love 24 hour bagels in oceanside. they have great whole wheat everything & whole wheat flagels (sp?) with sunflower seeds.

does any another place offer good speciality bagels like that, esp whole wheat? & not like wheat mixes, or wheat flecks - im talking a dark whole wheat bagel.

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  1. Whole wheat will have flecks because WW flour has flecks. It's the ww berries that do it. Dark ww bagels usually have molasses in them to make them that color. NOT real ww.

    Fairway has really good bagels, they bake them often throughout the day. Great price, too. 60 cents!

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    1. re: menton1

      really 60 cents? any good specialties?

      i know theyll have flecks, but some places pass anything that has a lil wheat in it off as WHOLE wheat when its not, but thanks for the heads up

      1. re: Maggie Larkin

        They have all the usual varieties, and also they have ww minis, which I love, at 35 cents! I think they have 3 kinds of flagels. Fairway is great!

    2. I like Bagel Boss- there's a location right near Roosevelt Field Mall. They have a great pumpernickel bagel and I think a whole wheat everything bagel.

      It's a kosher place, so no bacon or any meat, but they do have great fat free veggie tuna.

      1. I like the First Class Bagels stores. They're not great, but they're genuine and with a couple of dozen varieties the hit/miss has enough hits. They really need some food science for the bagels. For example, their bacon and egg bagel has both bacon and egg (You can see the bacon bits all over and the texture/color shows the egg), but it's hard to actually taste them. Still, they've enough good ones, with my favorite being the honey wheat.

        Not sure how many whole wheat varieties they have, but, with so many to choose from you're bound to get one you like there. And, they also have a bunch of toppings. I should get around to trying a strawberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese.

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          "Not great, but genuine".

          Can you please explain what that means?

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. my father in law picked up some bagels a while ago from a place (want to say he told me it was in amityville? maybe farmingdale?) that had great chewy small bagels. they were plain (or at least that is the only kind he got) but they didn't appear to be mini-bagels, just smaller than your standard bagel. probably closer in size to a lender's bagel.
            Does anyone know what i am talking about?

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            1. re: magfitz

              Perhaps you could ask your father-in-law?

              1. re: EZ Pass

                i have. he doesn't remember the bagels nor the shop. i was hoping someone else found them as memorable as I have and would have a suggestion.