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Mar 14, 2011 08:10 AM

Frank & Albert's at the Biltmore

I have been dining a couple of times a month at Frank & Albert's since it opened about a year and a half ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it until going there for dinner two nights ago. Started with the roasted tomato soup that tasted and had the mouth feel of diluted tomato paste. The meatloaf that I have enjoyed many times was fine but the portion was much smaller than before. One of my companions stopped after two spoons of the soup and was also disappointed with the portion size of the meatloaf. Though uncrowded on a Saturday night the service was listless. And to boot when I got the check the server had added his gratuity without mentioning it to us. I am used to this latter practice for a party of 6 or more but we were only 4. I will go back because I have had so many terrific meals there and sincerely hope my last experience was an abberation. But if this represents the new Frank & Albert's its in serious trouble.

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  1. Returned to Frank & Albert's last week because after so many good to great experiences there I did not want to cross it off my list without giving a second chance. This time I ordered the $16 Harris Ranch bacon cheeseburger "rare." It came out medium well. The waitress cheerfully took it back and returned a few minutes later with a tasty rare burger. However the kitchen neglected to put the bacon or the cheese on it. I did not send it back a second time as we were with guests and I did not want to draw attention. The consensus around the table was that the food and service was just OK -- a typical hotel dining experience. Its really a shame as Frank & Albert's really was special when it opened and for a year or so thereafter. Higher prices, smaller portions, and lower quality are a sure fire formula for failure. I will not be back except maybe for happy hour unless and until this place steps it up again to its former glory.