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Mar 14, 2011 06:23 AM

Make Ahead Cookbooks?

Anyone have good recommendations for cookbooks with Freezer or Make ahead recipes? My wife and I are always very busy and we need some good make ahead recipes that we can just throw in the oven/microwave/etc when we are ready to eat.

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    1. Try The Best Make Ahead Recipe: Pretty good recipes. Check it out here, but buy it on Amazon; otherwise you get stuck in a "book club." They will send you books whether you order them or not.

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        Boy, CI justs keeps thinking of more and more ways to suck you in, don't they? I didn't know anyone had those book "clubs" anymore. I'm sure it's a decent book. For me, however, a half hour with ANY cookbook should give me plenty of ideas for make ahead. And not using processed foods either :)