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Mar 14, 2011 05:33 AM

How to find good restaurants in Atlanta /Georgia

After 40 years of eating and drinking fine food and wine in Europe, we are coming home. I do not know where to start to find good restaurants, markets, etc. in the Atlanta area. We will live in PTC and as far as I can tell, there is not much info about restaurants south of Atlanta. I need a guide to not only good food in metro Atlanta but in Georgia. Viamichelin, my stand by for years, is useless and googling restaurants in Georgia is hit and miss.
Is there a guide/ source to help guide us as we explore this part of America for good food and wine?

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  1. Unfortunately, besides Zagat and this board, there isn't really anything I'm aware of (besides the articles published by restaurant critics for the AJC, Atlanta Magazine, etc). It's only been relatively recently that Atlanta even got its own board here on Chowhound. Prior to that, we were just lumped into the Southeast board.

    I'm afraid after 40 years of dining in Europe, you are likely to go through withdrawals (maybe even depression?) due to our restaurant options in Atlanta. There are a handful that are very good (Bacchanalia, Aria, Restaurant Eugene come to mind, some might also throw in Woodfire Grill), but most are not of a calibre that would stand up to Michelin 3-star restaurants in Europe.

    On the plus side, thanks to Delta, you can easily get from Atlanta to New York, Chicago, San Francisco -- or back to Europe -- when you're craving a really spectacular meal.

    Restaurant Eugene
    2277 Peachtree Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

    Woodfire Grill
    1782 Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, GA 30324

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      Ed, I'm sorry, but I disagree, and I'm frankly pretty bummed to see you suggest that someone actually has to leave the Southeast to find a good meal. Atlanta has some wonderful restaurants! I would add a few of my favorites to your list -- Miso Izakaya, Miller Union, Top Flr & Spoon are ones I frequent. They might not be fine dining, but certainly good food. Heard good things about Empire State South and Cakes and Ale, too, but haven't yet tried them out.

      OP also asked about markets -- I love the Dekalb International Farmers Market. It's worth a trek for breadth of products and price, but fair warning on the massive crowds: I refuse to go after 10am on the weekend. Buford Highway Farmers Market is wonderful, too, but it's even farther from PC. Farmers markets pop up in most intown neighborhoods every May, and we have some great CSAs for fresh produce.

      More of the problem might be that Peachtree City is not in Atlanta. It's really a town 35 miles away -- in 20 years in Atlanta, I've never had the occasion to go down there and couldn't give any recommendations for the area.

    2. This is a great business opportunity for someone, as I live south of Atlanta and have been unable to find a good online resource for restaurants.

      That said, try the restaurants in the town of Serenbe (The Hil and The Farmhouse), Founder's Restaurant in Senoia, and Grind and Wines in Peachtree City. I can recommend all of those wholeheartedly!

      Hil Restaurant
      9110 Selborne Ln Ste 110, Palmetto, GA 30268

      1. You will find some additional help at - in addition to the excellent advise from Chowhound participants.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. I know we will have to make adjustments but we are up to the challenge.

        2. Also look at Chowdown Atlanta, Blissful Glutton, and other similar blogs that have good reviews.

          1. i also use pick out the city and look on the left for restauarnts.I dont hink they are as acurate as to quality as Chohound is, ie a cheap restaurant, with large protions may score high in the ratings--but its a good start--i uesd them on arecent trip to Amelia island, and they were pretty accurate

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              I prefer by Jane and Michael Stern. They wrote the book - literally - on such places.