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Mar 14, 2011 03:47 AM

Irish vs Canadian whisky

Is Canadian whisky that much different in flavor from Irish whiskey? I don't drink, so I normally don't keep much alcohol on hand, but want to make a batch of whiskey-laced frosting for some Guinness cupcakes. I have an unopened bottle of Canadian Club from who knows how long ago sitting in the cupboard, so will that do or should I get a mini bottle of proper Irish?

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  1. Canadian Club has a high percentage of neutral spirits (essentially unflavored vodka), making its flavor very mild. I would think this would be a poor choice for a frosting, where you presumably want flavor and not alcohol. While Irish would be more St. Patrick's Day (where I assuming this is heading), bourbon might be tastier in frosting.

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    1. How about putting Guinness in the frosting as well? Or, even better would be the Guinness Foreign Export Stout, which has a richer body, more flavor, and comes in close to 8% alcohol.

      1. What does your frosting use, 2 tablespoons? Do you really think it will make a difference? Just use the CC. This is going to be a relatively minor flavor component in your cupcakes. I would defy anyone to tell the difference when all is said and done.

        The alternative: Having an unopened bottle of CC still in your cupboard sitting next to a barely touched bottle of Bushmill (or whatever) for the next who knows how long.