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Mar 14, 2011 01:10 AM

24 hour or late night places in Northern Virginia

As a self-professed night-owl, I find the sheer lack of night-time...anything, let alone restaurants in northern virginia disturbing. It is especially distressing waking up in the middle of the night and not having anything to nosh on. The only thing I can do is dream about chewing something delicious, which is made even more torturous by watching the food, cooking or travel channel, especially when they start mentioning 4-5 star cuisine that can be offered as late as 2 in the morning (I believe this place was in New York but I forgot what it was called). It's funny how northern va is supposedly so rich and bustling, but I feel like I'm living in the culinary sticks

So far, all I could conjure up are the usual honey pig and yechon. I don't know if IHOP, Wendy's or Barnside diner really do justice to these nighttime pangs. But sometimes, you just want the convenience without the sacrifice of quality. I just think I'm gonna lose it if I have one more 7/11 Big Bite or taco bell burrito though

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  1. I guess there are more people staying home and watching Netflix movies, because most of the late nite real restaurants have gone by the wayside. You might try Amphora in Vienna, sort a New Jersey Greek-style diner (huge menu, some of everything, not necessarily Greek). It's not 4 star gourmet, but decent.

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      They have multiple locations, there is one in Herndon too.

    2. I believe that Ravi Kabob is open late night -- not gourmet by any means, but pretty tasty nonetheless.

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          Ravi II does close at 10 pm, but Ravi I (across the street) is open until 1 am most weeknights and 2 am on the weekends. Not 24 hours -- but will get you through at midnight.

      1. metro 29 diner in arlington -- near glebe on lee hwy -- is open till 2 or 3. good sirloin kabobs & spinach pie.

        XO taste in falls church is open late -- until 2 or 4?

        i like IHOP for their harvest grain & nut pancakes with butter pecan syrup. i usually like their patty melt or the chicken fajita omelet. IHOP at 50 & annandale rd.

        i see that dogfish head alehouse is open until 11 weeknights, and midnight on friday and saturday. the place is ALWAYS busy when we drive by. ziv says their fried grouper sandwich is very good. i haven't tried it, but i'm going to.

        shop at harris-teeter on harrison street in arlington 24-7.

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          When I think of late night food, I usually think of comfort foods rather than Asian so I hadn't thought about XO Taste, but now that you set my brain off in that direction, Full Key at Bailey's Crossroads (across the parking lot from Best Buy) is open until 2 AM or so. And I think that Miu Kee in Falls Church (Annandale Rd & Arlington Blvd) is also open after midnight, at least on weekends, but just in case they aren't, there's an IHOP in the same shopping center.

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            xo is open till 2 am.

            didn't they originally stay open till 4 am?

          2. Bob and Edith's on Columbia Pike near the interchange with Washington Blvd in Arlington -- open 24 hours.

            1. The secret weapon at 7/11 is the spicy Jamaican beef pattie. Better than many homemde versions, and they will make them 'fresh' for you if you don't see them in the case (in which 'case', they are sometimes dried out and not worth a penny).

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                They make this at 7/11?? I thought it was just legend...

                Do you have to ask them personally or is there a specific location?

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                  You realize, of course, that they are frozen. Any 7-11 I've been to in the area will heat one up for you if you ask. The spicy are more satisfying than the mild.

                  Most jamaican restaurants that serve patties do the same thing: they get them from a commercial source (not much different than 7-11) or they have someone make them, but still they are then frozen and must be reheated. Often the homemade ones are drier than the 7-11 version.

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                    I think I know which ones you are talking about. I used to buy those ones all the time but they were banned from the house since I believe one of them had 50 percent daily value of cholesterol or saturated fat, I forgot which one.

                    1. re: takadi

                      Heart-healthy midnight munchies is a limiting category...... like Great Jewish basketball players.

                      Julius Erving?

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                  I've never had a 7/11 Jamaican patty when I wasn't at least a little intoxicated, but I'll admit that late at night with a little EtOH in the system, they can hit the spot quite well.

                  In addition to the other suggestions already made, I often find myself at Marino's, which if it isn't 24 hours has never been closed when I've wandered in. Sampan Cafe in Springfield is also open late on some nights.

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                    The cheeseburger sub loaded (and I mean really loaded) at Mario's is hard to beat. A true bomb of a sandwich. Food bliss.

                    By loaded, I mean the sandwich.