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Mar 14, 2011 01:09 AM

Shanghai; Why no Chowhound Meets?

Following the board for awhile I noticed semi-frequent Chowhound get-together in Singapore and Hong Kong but none in Shanghai...

Any reason for this? Are most Chowhounders just stopped by Shanghai and not permanently or -semi-permanently located here (Shanghai)?

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  1. Don't know the answer to this...but I was just here for a week...gone tomorrow!!

    1. I agree it is a good question. I've just moved back to Shanghai and Am surprised at the lack of get- togethers. Epeter03 are you based here? Maybe it's time to get something going

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      1. re: sganarelle

        Yes, I am have been here in Shanghai for about 4 years now.

        1. re: epeter03

          Whom you need is one die-hard Chowhound who'd put in the extra effort to get the ball rolling (e.g. Charles Yu for HK, FourSeasons for S'pore, limster for UK, Ruth Lafler for SF Bay Area, etc).

          1. re: epeter03

            I notice you don't put any info about yourself in your profile. I have organized many, many Chowhound outings in the DC area, and I can tell you that adding something about yourself (plus contact info) makes a big difference.

        2. epeter I think there are plenty of diehard foodies in Shanghai, myself included, who would love to get together with like-minded food-lovers and EAT!
          Any takers for organising an event?

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          1. re: shanghaifoodaddict

            I'm new to Shanghai, but love food!, and meeting new people. Don't know of many great places yet, but would love to get involved. If anyone is interested in dinner, say, Monday June 6 or 13, email me: Hope to eat with you soon!

            1. re: shanghaifoodaddict

              I've been meaning to organize something in Shanghai for a few years, but never did. This is a good reminder. I haven't been to a Chowhound meet in any other city, but I've been living here for a few years and have been to more restaurants than I care to remember. I'd be happy to set up a dinner for Shanghai, and have a few places I'd be happy to recommend as well.

              Pending interest -- second weekend in July?

              My email is stcavish at

              1. re: st cavish

                St Cavish, previously of

                If your up for organizing an event it would be great. I've organized a few wine dinners for friends so i'm sure I could drag them to a chowhound meet.

                1. re: epeter03

                  Yep. Great. Shoot me an email (above) and we'll set something up.

                  1. re: epeter03

                    I'm new on this site, but would also be interested in an event. Just partial to the noshy cheap finds, not the pricey stuff.

              2. I'm in and out Shanghai few days on each biz trip. So its hard to attend chow meet

                1. I've been in SH for almost 3 years now; very interested in a Chow meet. Did the one in mid-July go well? Any others being organized for Aug?

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                  1. re: serpah

                    Hey everyone. A few of us gathered in June, 'twas lovely. Anyone up for this coming weekend? Either Sat Aug 20 (lunch or dinner), or Sun Aug 21 (dinner only). Email if interested and we can figure out logistics: Looking forward to eating with you.

                    1. re: denachow

                      Just an update. The meet on August 21st was at a Shanghainese style Sichuan restauant called Chopsticks. Would be interested in a regular event.

                      1. re: FrenziedPalate

                        "Shanghainese style Sichuan" - yipes, how was that? Have to say I've only heard bad about that place, tied with Sichuan Citizen.

                        1. re: FrenziedPalate

                          Ah! I missed out on the meet! :*)

                          Can we set something more regular so that I can schedule this in? I know at least 2 more foodies who would love to attend.

                          And how was Chopsticks? I haven't heard of it. I've found food at Citizen Cafe to be hit & miss - sometimes awesome and sometimes not great. Sichuan's been consistently good in my experience.

                          1. re: serpah

                            I also would like to attend.

                            Maybe we plan on certain days of the month, eg. every third thursday or every fourth sunday, etc.

                            1. re: sganarelle

                              I would also like to attend in the future, please add my email thirstypig at gmail dot com.

                              Also, I write a little blog about some of the places I eat at - lately & mostly in Shanghai -

                      2. re: serpah

                        Absolutely in if anyone wants to organize a Chow meetup. I'm in Shanghai for 4 months and have toured what I've seen so far on blogs etc.

                        Now's the chance for us to make our own list.

                        jericsonco at gmail up to eat anytime