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Mar 13, 2011 10:37 PM

Krepesz European Palacsinta Cafe - Delightful!

I happened upon a beautiful cafe in Kensington Market on Friday and had what I would say was one of the best cups of coffee (a latte) that I've ever had in this city. In fact, I liked it so much I took a friend there on Saturday and he agreed. Palacsinta means crepe in Hungarian and they also make a number of different crepes. It's run by a nice Hungarian family, its very clean (even the washrooms which is a rarity for cafes) and has a great vibe and peacefulness about it, which is pretty special given it's in a busy place like Kensington. I didn't have a crepe (but will sure go back to try) but I did have a chimney cake, which is Hungarian pastry that is baked on a wooden roll. It was delicious.

This cup of coffee is about as close to perfection as I think there is (and I am pretty into coffee as I even have my own home drum roaster). It blows the lattes that Starbucks makes out of the water (okay maybe that's an easy comparison, lol). I will certainly go back. The cafe is located at 253 Augusta and they have a website at (and a cute little video showing how they make those chimney cakes).

253 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON , CA

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  1. Have been meaning to try this cute little spot for some time. Went there for lunch this week hoping to sample a savoury and a sweet crepe. The savoury collection is small - had "the classic" with ground chicken, sour cream and spinach leaves. It was OK, kind of bland (good "comfort food", my friend said). Perhaps I had incorrectly imagined it to be chicken paprikash in a crepe, so I was confused by the ground chicken and lack of paprika - maybe that was my fault for having a preconceived notion.
    The really disappointing part was it was so filling, despite not looking that big, that I was unable to have a second (or even share one with my friend) for dessert. I was really looking forward to trying the sour cherry and cinnamon! Next time.

    1. I'm a coffee junkie, so will definitely try their latte in the near future Flex. I have walked by dozens of times, but never gone in. So thanks for the tip.

      FYI - my favourite coffee place is Fahrenheit.

      1. You couldn't have described it better! Love this place. I like to have a latte and a plain crepe with lemon juice, and I get them to scale back the powdered sugar.