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Mar 13, 2011 10:03 PM

toi, moi & cafe -- your opinion?

Hi guys,

I've heard a lot about this cafe on laurier, and was just wondering if anyone had a review or opinion about it. I always walk by it on the weekends and see that it is packed, so I was just wondering if anyone knows how good it is.

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  1. I like it. I go for breakfast (Parisien is my favourite) and the coffee is as good as any around. The space is nice but small and can get crowded on weekends. Service used to be hit and miss but it's gotten better in the last few years.

    Try it and report back.

    1. I used to like it but haven't been in a couple years since I was served very less than fresh smoked sturgeon...

      anyway, it's just a cafe... try it... it's not like you're taking a huge risk

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        toi et moi is ALWAYs a huge disappointment -t he food is not good. On my last visit, I asked if I could have smoked salmon on baguette. They charged me for the smoked salmon bagel + $2 extra for the tiny piece of baguette which really annoyed me since across the street at posh gascogne, a smoked salmon baguette three times the price is cheaper.

        also never order their wild mushroom omelette since the promise of wild mushrooms is a complete and utter lie (not to mention it is the 2nd most expensiveitem on the menu)

        1. re: celfie

          I meant to write triple the size, not price

          1. re: celfie

            +1 the coffee is bad, and the food is boring

        2. It's just ok.

          I haven't been in a while (couple of years), sometimes it's good, sometimes not so much.

          Cold oven baked applesm it's a nice touch when well done , ...
          But the croissants and chocolatines were good.

          Nice terrasse in the summer.

          1. I like it though it can be hit or miss. I like the extensive side of fruit that comes with most breakfast dishes. I moved last year from Mile-End to Pointe Saint-Charles so I now go to the Notre-Dame location. I found that it can be pretty tasty during the week but on weekends when they're really busy quality declines big time. That could also be the case on Laurier...For small items like croissants, I mush prefer Gascogne across the street.

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            1. re: foodinspace

              i wouldn't call the side of fruit extensive
              you get a few pieces of fruit - 5 grapes, a ration of pineapple, a sliver of papaya

            2. I think the one on Laurier is alright for what it is... if you sit on the terrace on a nice morning, it's an enjoyable breakfast and they do fine with all the basics. It's nothing special, but I don't think it's bad either. The one Notre-Dame however, is utterly disgusting and I would never go there again. The food is totally gross, and the ambiance reminds me of chez cora. Avoid the St-Henri location like the plague, it's really terrible. I still go to the Laurier resto occasionally. The waitresses are also really nice there.

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              1. re: OliverB

                Good to know this. I've only been to the Notre Dame location and was always very disappointed.

                wizardoflittlearmenia: If you're on Laurier though, you have so many other options! I recently went to La Petite Ardoise and enjoyed it very much. Service a little cold and slow, but the food great. Good portions, nice (I'm assuming french?) twists on the usual breakfast staples, e.g. buckwheat crepes with gruyere and ham.

                La Petite Ardoise (Restaurant)
                222 Av Laurier W, Montreal, QC H2T2N8, CA

                1. re: torontrealais

                  thanks guys for all your opinions. I will be sure to explore a bit more and see what comes up.