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Jan 7, 2006 08:48 PM

Where's the best Korean tofu restaurant in the South Bay?

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Where's the best Korean tofu restaurant in the South Bay?

How would you even determine? Is there a signature dish with which one compares one restaurant to another?

My old favorite is the place next to the bowling alley at Torrance and Hawthorne. I keep returning to it.

I've tried Lee's tofu soup in Tozai plaza. It's equally as good, I'd say. They have specials too (which I've not tried) which might them an even better

In my opinion, and after only one visit, BCD Tofu House is not as good as the above two. BCD is a chain operation. One big benefit maybe is that for us in the South Bay looking for late-night places, the Western Ave. operation is open 24 hrs.

Have also tried Um's on Artesia in Gardena. Been a while. I'll have to go back.

I am NOT a tofu soup expert though. Don't even know what these dishes are properly called - casseroles or 'soon' or soups? Happened to spot Tofu Roll BBQ by Smart&Final in Gardena on Artesia near Normandie. Name hits food words I like - tofu - roll - bbq. So I stopped in. (After waiting in line for 30 minutes at Beard Papa's in the Japanese market next door. My first time for these desserts. I'm looking forward to sampling regular (vanilla) and the weekly special (strawberry) tonight. Yumm (I hope!))

Anyway, this tofu place impresses with a modern curvy bar (food bar). I tried the gyoza tofu @$7.50, and it seemed pretty good to me: That got me wondering about these types of places.

And I recall that Merrill Shindler has a review out now for Mogaboka at 2271 W. Lomita. He rates it "2". I've not tried the place.

How about a few more ideas or comments. Thanks.

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  1. IMHO, it's Cho Dang Soon Tofu in Torrance, in the same plaza as Gable House Bowl (on Hawthorne off Sepulveda). It's the closest to the deliciousness that is So Kong Dong in Koreatown.

    I'm giving it away as it's busy as it is ... but if you go there, please let us know how what you think!

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      Yes, Cho Dang rocks.

      Also, there is Lee's Tofu in Gardena at Rededono Beach Blvd/Western intersection. another VERY popular korean soon tofu joint.


      1. re: Yakitiyak

        Just had dinner at Lee's Tofu tonite. By no means am I authoritative in Korean cuisine, but I did enjoy the kimchi soon tofu with beef, the seafood soon tofu, and the dumpling soon tofu.

        The menu is simple with a good handful of nice choices like soon tofu variations, bibimbop and some barbeque selections including the requisite kalbi beef ribs. The sides of kimchi are simple yet perfectly compliment the food, and yes, the rice comes to you in those granite (?) bowls that are hot enough to sear the hair off your arms if you're not careful. But the reward is a very hot and tasty meal on a cold night, and that crusty browned layer of rice stuck to the bowl that all rice lovers yearn for.

      2. re: Hammy

        Right. That's the one I meant. It's my favorite so far.


      3. went on a chowhound recommendation to Tofu City, in a strip mall -- 15000 block of western; the side dishes were fresh and very good, they had a selection of tofu stews which were excellent and the service was very good; the hostess spoke english and was very helpful