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Mar 13, 2011 09:29 PM

ISO portugese salt cod fritter/tuna pate in downtown

I'm craving some amazing portugese snacks that I had recently - one was a crunchy and creamy salt cod fritter from a bakery in mississauga, and the other was a small jar of tuna pate that my friend brought from portugal. The label on the tuna pate reads "La Piara - pate de atun con pimientos del piquillo."

I'm looking for these treats a bit closer to home - any ideas on where I can find them in downtown toronto, someplace not too far from the subway line? I probably won't be able to find the exact same tuna pate brand, but anything close to it will do!

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  1. I always smuggle those pates over from Portugal forgetting that I can buy them here! I like the tuna, but the sardine is my favorite. However, I find I appreciate them better in Portugal; must be the bread!

    Back to your request, most Portuguese groceries should carry those. I know Tavora does. They have two locations. One at St. Clair and Caledonia, another at Bloor and Landsdowne.

    1. Most of the Portuguese bakeries carry the cod fritters (pasteis bacalhau), so hit up whatever is closest to you in Little Portugal (Nova Era, Caldense, etc.).

      1. For the salt cod fritters,
        Venezia Bakery
        114 Ossington Avenue

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          thanks for the recs everyone! I might just go on a cod fritter/tuna pate spree and try them all!