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Mar 13, 2011 07:39 PM

peanut sauce

Looking for a spot where I can purchase a nice peanut sauce to accompany spring rolls. Thanks

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  1. I can't remember ever seeing a prepared one, but you can make it in about 3 minutes.

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      They're sold all over the place, but most of the bottled ones are pretty crappy (and way overpriced).

      My favorite, which happens to be the most expensive, is made by Bittersweet Herb Farm; they come to regional craft shows frequently, so you can usually find it there. I know they usually show up at the Mountain Heritage Festival in Harpers Ferry and the Sugarloaf festival in Gaithersburg. It's their peanut-chipotle finishing sauce, and it's really amazing.

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        katecm, please, do you have a good recipe?

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          Please post recipes on our Home Cooking board, then link to them from this thread.

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            We split the recipe to a new thread on our Home Cooking board. You can find that thread here:

      2. There are a couple of very good ones sold at the Falls Church City Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings.

        1. There is a great one at the Dupont Farmers Market at the place where they have all the dips/soups/prepared foods (with the samples).