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Jan 7, 2006 08:01 PM

Lunch (not brunch) near Beverly Center?

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Any suggestions for a Sunday lunch, not brunch, near the Beverly Center? I have a car but prefer not to drive too far in that westside traffic---I have an errand to run at that mall (ugh) and I know there are good places in the neighborhood but didn't know about lunch. Thanks!

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  1. I was driving by the Beverly Center today, ravenous, and I remembered this tiny Japanese fast food place in a strip mall between the Beverly Center and 3rd street, on 3rd called, Miko? can't remember the name, but it has always been really good when I remember that its there, good rolls, Sushi, tempura, lots of choices. No frills place. But satisfying.

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      You're thinking of Mishima, which is the place I was going to recommend. Quick, cheap, & tasty.


    2. Along the same lines as Mishima, on the east side of La Cienega a block or two north of Beverly, there's Absolutely Phobulous--a tiny place with a terrible name that actually serves a pretty decent bowl of pho.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions, but my mom didn't want ethnic food so we went to the Farmer's Market on Fairfax to allow everyone to do their own thing---I went to that great Gumbo place...mmmmmm....two types of gumbo, spicy and regular seafood gumbo. Great flavor. Sister had shrimp po'boy which she said was just "okay." We also had beignets, which were yummy.

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          1. Can't go wrong with Urth. (Melrose just west of La Cienega)