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Mar 13, 2011 06:44 PM

Does anyone remember Nick's #1 Hungarian in Bangkok?

I don't think I can ever get tired of good Thai food, especially Isan fare, but does anyone remember what happened to Nick's No. 1 Hungarian Inn on the corner of Sathorn Road and Rama 1V? It was in a big old mansion, if I remember correctly, and must have still existed the in the mid-1980s? I think it was supposed to be haunted, and certainly had lots of character.
Rich Richie
New Haven, CT

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  1. Appears to have made way for the Q House / LH Bank building:

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    1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

      It looks like you spend a lot of time in Bangkok. Great nickname, "Soi Hound"! I don't get to Bangkok very often and have kind of lost track of where to get a couple of dishes, that don't seem to show up on menus very much here in Connecticut. Do you know where I might find good hoi thot or khao na ped? I have a business trip coming up which will give me about a week in Bangkok, and would like to hunt up some great street food including mussel omelettes and roast duck on rice. Thanks for any suggestions!

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        Actually, I spend all my time in Bangkok, I live in the northern reaches of the city.

        One of the best omelet makers I have come across is at Bang Nam Pheung floating market. The sample below is mixed seafood, but you can pick and choose. There are plenty of tasty options at Bang Nam Phueng.

        More info on the market:

        If you are familiar with Bangkok, you have to know Polo Rice Soup. Although that place has, IMHO, seen better days, on the corner of soi Polo and Wireless is Polo Rice Soup. This little shop puts out some great food. You might see if they can whip up hoi thod.

        At Nang Linchi soi 5 there is a duck shop that serves up some terrific soup. I have never tried their rice version, but it should be good too. ->

    2. Nick's No. 1 was situated in a wonderful old vine-covered wooden mansion on the traffic circle and considered the finest restaurant in Bangkok back in the 1960's. The "Kobe" beef (probably well-aged water buffalo) and the lobster thermador were great. A dessert classic in those days was Baked Alaska--what a treat for a 10 year old kid to have a flaming ice cream dessert! I remember candles burning in wax-covered chianti bottles...a less sophisticated, but definitely memorable ambiance.

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        Ah thanks. That is what I would like to remember. I didn't arrive in Thailand until the early 1980s, but even then Nick's No. 1 still existed. I tend to get lost when I am in Bangkok now, although it still feels good to be there. I still like to stay at one of the older hotels like the Royal (Rattanakosin) or the Vieng Tai. Fun to splurge on fancier places too like the Banyon Tree or the Sukhothai.

      2. Yes? It was in 1968 and all I remember was Nick's No.1; So maybe I was at another restaurant. The menu was all along the wall written in chalk. The proprietor was - I was told - a member of the royal family. The food was excellent and the menu was long and varied from European to Thai - I think my wife and I ate Thai food. Once on an early afternoon a Mercedes let out two elderly Thai ladies who each had one scoop of ice cream, enjoying their repartee rather than a meal. And then they went the way they had arrived. The restaurant was a “noodle shop” (deep and narrow across the front but there was another banquet/private area around a corner in the back. Sean Shanahan Metamora, IL

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        1. re: seanSL

          Definitely from my era. You had a great memory, seanSL.

          Another old faithful from that neighbourhood is Neil's Tavern, which thankfully is still there

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            I was in Bankkok on R&R from Vietnam. Nick's #1 Hungarian was one of the highlights of my stay. I also wondered what had happened to the restaurant. My daughter has Aupaire from Bangkok whose family is in the restaurant business, and they have no knowledge of Nick's.

          2. Spent some time in Bangkok just after Vietnam and loved the place. Nick's #1 was a wonderful resturant with great food and of cours Bulls Blood wine with the Kobe Steak. Wish I could go back in time, but he memories will do.