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Dinner near SFMOMA

llkchow Mar 13, 2011 06:00 PM

SF Hounds,
I'm fortunate enough to be traveling to the Bay Area for a couple of days this spring. After an afternoon at SFMOMA, do you have any recommendations for a nice but not too pricey dinner nearby (say, entrees under $30)? We are interested in a good seafood option in particular.

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    mdg RE: llkchow Mar 13, 2011 06:17 PM

    Seafood near SFMOMA is easy - Anchor & Hope! That's where we went after our last visit to SFMOMA and it was fabulous food just a few blocks away. Great beer selection too and a nicely chosen wine list, and it's in your price range.


    Anchor & Hope
    83 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

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    1. re: mdg
      CarrieWas218 RE: mdg Mar 14, 2011 08:12 AM

      Second A&H for great seafood. The Lobster Pot Pie is downright sinful.

      1. re: CarrieWas218
        llkchow RE: CarrieWas218 Mar 16, 2011 10:56 AM

        Thanks to both of you! Anchor & Hope it is!

        Anchor & Hope
        83 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

    2. i
      ikb RE: llkchow Mar 17, 2011 06:37 PM

      if it fits in your price range, i'd suggest ame over anchor & hope. not sure if it will, but it's a couple notches up in quality.

      Ame Restaurant
      689 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

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      1. re: ikb
        johnq RE: ikb Mar 17, 2011 11:18 PM

        Ame's great, but doesn't have a single entree under $30. And Anchor & Hope is much more of a traditional seafood restaurant. It's definitely the choice for under-$30 seafood close to MOMA.

        Anchor & Hope
        83 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

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