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Mar 13, 2011 05:51 PM

Dark & Romantic Hollywood

Any recs for dimly lit, low key, romantic restaurants in Hollywood (or West Hollywood) -- especially ones with booths or tucked away niches for privacy. Definitely want to be able to hear my companion without having to yell, and seriously delicious Chow-ish food a major plus. Thanks!

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  1. Cafe Des Artistes
    1534 N McCadden Pl
    Hollywood, CA 90028
    (323) 469-7300

    This is the place for that type of ambiance. Food is pretty good, not exactly chow-ish, though.

    Cafe Des Artistes
    1534 N. McCadden Pl., Hollywood, CA 90028

    1. La Boheme comes to mind - very romantic/darkly lit and definitely good for dinner conversation.

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        second La Boheme, always a good date place. I've had some very good meals at Cafe des Artistes too. Anyone here remember Chianti on Melrose? Now that was a nice dark spot.

        1. re: rednyellow

          Yes, I went there once. That *was* dark. La Boheme is a bit too theme-y and grand.. was hoping a little more low key? The one time I went to Cafe des Artists it seemed like quite the Hollywood hipster scene but that was at least 5 years ago -- has it mellowed out?

      2. Dan Tanas has two booths that are behind curtains. Dominick's has dark corners outside.