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Mar 13, 2011 03:53 PM

Single Malt for a Gift

I have decided to buy my grandfather a nice bottle of scotch for his birthday. I dont know much about scotch, but I do know what he likes. He likes a Glenlivet (18yrs or 21 yrs), but I would like to get him another one to try. The man likes, cheeses, fish, and various tartares and pates. He smokes a cigar occasionally as well. So that is all I can tell you about his palate and his tastes. I would spend around 100 bucks, maybe more. Can you give me some scotch's that may suit his taste?

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  1. I'd get two that "bracket" the Glenlivet, something on the peatier end of the spectrum but not excessively so, like a Bowmore, and something lighter, like A Dalwhinnie or a Glenrothes or skerries, like the Macallan or a sherry finished Glenmorangie.

    1. Sorry, meant "sherried.". What sort of stupid phone thinks "skerries" is a word!?

      1. How about Highland Park 15? It's well-received by discerning scotch drinkers at our restaurant. http://jason-scotchreviews.blogspot.c...

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          I agree with the Highland Park recommendation, although it comes from much further north in Scotland and has a smokier taste than the Glenlivet, which is from the Speyside region. Balvenie and Glenfarclas are two other distillers in the Speyside region that produce single-malts well worth trying.

        2. Balvenie 17 yo rum cask is one that sounds very interesting to me, you should be able to find it in the $110-120 range.

          Balvenie is a speyside like Glenlivet but IMO a little more interesting at least at the entry level offerings, which is my only basis of comparison so far. I have had the 15 and 21 yr old Balvenie and they are quite good.

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            I always recommend The Balvenie as a great bottle for a gift. All of their agings are fantastic and approachable to just about everyone. If you can find the portwood, buy it. but the 15yr and even the 12 yr doublewood are fantastic as well.

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              Agree the Doublewood is excellent, I forgot to mention that is what I meant by my basis for comparison between their entry-level offerings, of course the Doublewood is a little more expensive than the Glenlivet 12, but is so much better IMO.

          2. And now for something completely different. Lagavulin 16 YO. It is a peat bomb and my cigar smoking friends seem to love it with their cigars.