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Mar 13, 2011 03:33 PM

Good rye bread?

Does anyone know of a MD source of good rye bread? I'm in the Columbia area,
and don't want to drive into NOVA or DC. Hope someone can recommend a place
generally in Mont. or How. Co.

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  1. Try Upper Crust Bakery in Silver Spring (Colesville), MD. They have very good German large loaf rye bread daily - will sell a loaf - and a smaller loaf which they term Jewish rye bread on Fri/Sat/Sun. They are closed on Monday. They have a nice selection of breads and rolls but you need to get there before noon for a good selection. If you call ahead they will hold items for you. They are located in the Giant shopping center on Randolph Road at the corner of New Hampsire Avenue.

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      Excellent, I should be able to find them. Thanks rcooperman !!

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        Another possibility is to go to one of the local Russian stores. They have a good selection of rye breads (though none are baked locally). Some are pretty heavy duty (which I particularly like).

      2. I think Upper Crust is great or at least last time I went. Do call as suggested.
        Upper Crust Bakery
        13488 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20904
        (301) 879-0622 ‎

        Snider's carries some bread from Uptown I think which is wonderful (I usually get the baguettes) and I've had a rye once - it is not a New York Rye.
        Snider's Super Market
        1936 Seminary Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910-1366
        (301) 589-3240 ‎

        1. Shalom Kosher on University Blvd in Wheaton

          1. instead of Montco you should drive 20 minutes to Pikesville- Reisterstown Road and go to Parizers Kosher Bakery for Jewish Rye. of course closed before sundown on Friday and all day Saturday for the sabbath

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              Will do - I just assumed more of the readers here were in Mont. County/DC/N. VA. Pikesville - of course !!

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                I hate to say mean things about a place, so it took me a couple days to decide about posting this. I went to Parizers Kosher Bakery a couple days ago to test the rye bread. Also got some rugelach and hamentashen. I could not tell you what flavor rugelach I had - the filling was red with no taste, and the cookie was very (too) soft. Hamentashen were better, but if I didn't know better I'd say the cookie was a tad stale.

                And the rye bread. Well, it was definitely great loaf of bread. But it had no rye flavor. I got my mom a loaf too, she's the one who has been craving good rye bread, and she said the same thing.

                We used to get the best rye bread from an Italian deli in Parma, Ohio when we lived there. My mom keeps talking about it, so I guess my search continues.

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                  I live in montco now but was brought up in Pikesville. my grandfather used to take me to the original Parizers when I was a kid and it was great. Ivysmom, I am sure that you can get fantastic rye bread in Pikesville and I will do my research and get back to you with that answer

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                    ok i have been told that parisers has been bought and sold at least 3 times since I was a kid. The best rye bread is at Goldman's Bakery in Pikesville. Gourmet Again in Pikesville also sells Goldman's rye bread. Happy Hunting Ivy'smom

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                      someone else told me that the absolute best NY Rye in Baltimore is at the Kosher Supermarket on Reisterstown road and that it is better than Pariser's or Goldmans

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                        Hm. Wonder where that is. I'll have to look around. Interesting. If I find it, I'll report back. (or am I the only one interested)

                        1. re: ivysmom

                          reisterstown road at 7 mile lane (take reisterstown road towards pikesville and just keep going. It is on your left before you hit reisterstown road plaza. it is a huge kosher grocery store that used to be a new Safeway.

              2. Have you tried the rye bread from Bon Fresco? It's pretty good, not necessarily as fantastic as the rest of the breads, and not the traditional shape, but it might meet your needs. The one issue is they only bake it on certain days of the week. I believe Wednesdays is one of the days, but you probably need to ask to make sure of the schedule. I do know that Friday is challah day, and theirs are very, very good.

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                  No, I'm just starting the quest. I'll give Bon Fresco a try, thanks for the tip Jason. I always forget you can buy just bread there.

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                    bagel city (12119 Rockville Pike in Rockville, MD) has pretty good rye bread. Traditional sized loaf, and seeded.