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Mar 13, 2011 03:07 PM

Atlas Global Bistro [Detroit]

Having never tried Atlas Global Bistro, I quickly grabbed the Groupon when it was available. I heard many good reviews and I was excited to try a place I had not been to yet.

My wife and I set out for brunch this morning with high hopes. To sum it all up.. the service was excellent but the food sucked!!!!!

My wife ordered the Cubano Omelet and I ordered the Steak Benedict. The space is nice and the waitress really was very good so we were seriously shocked when the food was so disappointing.

My wife's omelet was filled with pork that tasted like the outer slimy layer of pork fat. The potatoes were goodish (nothing exceptional) and although the menu touted fried plantains with the omelet, they were nowhere to be found. When we asked about the plantains we were told the plantains they got in were not ripe and could not be served. Wouldn't that have been nice to know up front? And when a customer specifically notices the missing fruit, shouldn't you at least offer to bring another fruit in it's place? NO..neither of these things happened. The toast was freezing cold too.

Moving on to my dish, the Steak Benedict. If you like hard boiled eggs on the top of steak then it's the dish for you. I have had better poached eggs at Big Boy. The eggs were so overcooked they litterally were hard boiled eggs.

To answer the, we didn't complain because after seeing the response when we asked about the missing plantains it seemed like a useless cause and neither of us would have wanted anything else. I thought the hard boiled eggs benedict must be a fluke but looking at the table next to us, their eggs were the same way.

I just would have expected so much more from AGB. Glad we had a Groupon at least the unsatisfying brunch only cost us $ 20 plus tip. I don't see us returning anytime soon....BLEH!!!

Atlas Global Bistro
3111 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201

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  1. Odd, though brunch wouldn't even be on my radar. Just not much of a brunch guy, or even an adventurous breakfast guy. Not my thing.

    Still, I'm surprised: based on my prior experience (, I wouldn't hesitate to head back there, *especially* since escolar and the mango tear drop are on the DRW menu again for spring. Though I was there for dinner, both Donna and I agreed that it was really, really good.

    So sorry your experience wasn't as good as mine, but I still think you should have made them aware of the food could have told them in the same breath that the service was exceptional, and softened the blow a bit!

    1. Never been there for brunch (didn't know they offered it), but the dinners I have had have been very good indeed, and I am a particular stickler on dining. I have always had very good service, too. I think your experience an aberration.

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        Oops...please ignore my above review, it is reference to Atlas in St. Louis, which is a very good place, btw. Tried to delete the luck.

      2. Whoa, sounds nasty! My pal Kim took me to lunch there on a Groupon last week. I had the chicken paprikash which was just delicious, very refined...tiny herbed spaeztle and a chicken breast and wing covered in a fine paprika sauce. Lovely. Her salad was just OK. With an appetizer lunch came to $40 ($20 w/ groupon). It seems to me the food can be fine....low staffed at lunch, and overpriced. But I like the idea and the space. Several complaints from people I respect make me only want to go there on a coupon or expense account.

        1. had a good dinner at atlas on saturday night with friends. first time in over a year. got a 6pm table and let them know that we had to be out by 7:30 to get downtown for a show. arrived at 6pm and were seated promptly. the place was about 25% full. our waiter came over and confirmed that we were on a schedule. ordered a round of drinks (plymouth gin!) and chose appetizers to share:

          pork belly - moist and tender with a nice spicy bbq sauce. came with a grits (ok) and an onion jam (very good).

          crab cake - decent size without much filler. nice fingerling potato's with a mustard sauce.

          bistro beet - red & golden beets with smoked pistachios, goat cheese, greens, oranges, and orange viniagrette. our favorite (even our not big on vegetables friend liked it).


          saddle of canadian rabbit - the waiter swayed me to this after talking it up (funny, he said everyone else's dishes would be "amazing," too). i liked it but it wasn't amazing. the corn polenta it came with was knockout, though. next time, the duck or the short ribs.

          bronzed jumbo sea scallops - three decent sized scallops (very good) with a sweet corn custard (mehh), and braised cabbage in a balsamic shallot bacon jus (very good).

          rack of lamb - well prepapared, good sized chops with a potato and wild mushroom wedge (very good) and an artichoke and eggplant salad (ok).

          filet of bison (special menu) - very tastey piece of meat. decent portion. don't remember what it came with.

          no time for desert or after-dinner drinks.

          as we left the place was about 75% full.

          total for four entrees, three apps, and and two rounds of drinks was something like $220 plus tip. a bit on the pricey side but it was good.

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            And to me, considering the quality of the fare, I don't find that price to be all that stratospheric, with two rounds of drinks, especially. It certainly would be nice if you'd had a discount available, but even so: ~$25 entree PP, ~$8 appetizer PP, ~$16 drinks PP. I realize that you only ordered three apps, so I divided the cost of three standard apps among four people there, and there's always some give-or-take with the prices of different things (a glass of beer will cost *way* less than a specialty cocktail, for example).

            Even better: the service was recognized your time crunch, and did well.

            It's been too long since I've been here.