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Mar 13, 2011 03:00 PM

Help -- did I kill my cheese?

I bought some cheese in Paris two weeks ago: a St. Marcellin, an Epoisses, a Camembert, and a chunk of 2-year old Comté. I bought unripe versions and had them vacuum packed after they were wrapped in wax paper... The cheesemonger told me they would be ready in a week or two. I just realized that I should have taken them out of the vacuum pack plastic bag as soon as I got home... I just opened them. The Comté looks perfect, and the Camembert (wrapped in wax paper in a box) looks fine too. The Epoisses (which was plastic-wrapped at the store, then wrapped in wax paper, then in the vacuum bag) looks the same as when I got it, though it is surprisingly firm. But on one part of the St Marcellin there is a little bit of white peach fuzz... is this mold or normal? I've always bought these in the US when they were fully ripe and ready to eat on the same day so I'm not sure if I killed them through suffocation in the plastic bag? Does anyone know if fuzzy white mold is normal on St Marcellin or should I throw it away? Most of the wheel looks normal otherwise...
I'd be grateful for any advice!

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