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Mar 13, 2011 02:48 PM

Capital Grille Restaurant Week

Normally RW is a great deal at the "upscale" Steak Houses but Capital Grille in Chestnut Hill turned out a rather less than stellar performance on Friday evening. I started with a cup of your average thick and gloppy clam chowder no better or worse than I have had in dozens of restaurants and pubs in and around Boston and Cape Cod but nothing special. For my side, I had creamed spinach which was over-spiced with too much nutmeg. But the "crown jewel" of the evening was my entree. I ordered the 12 oz Kona Crusted NY Sirloin. I ordered the steak medium rare. The first time the steak arrived it was cooked medium well (no pink). When the waiter asked how it was, I told him and showed him. He whisked the steak away and about 2 minutes later arrived back with another steak, placed it down and stood and asked if I would cut into it. The steak was nicely seared on the outside but raw on the inside. He took one look at it and said "that's not medium rare" and again took it away. The third time the steak came back, it was the same steak cooked a little longer and somewhat medium rare though I had pretty much cut the entire steak in 1/2 before they took it back the 2nd time. Both the waiter and Manager were extremely apologetic. The Manager was clearly embarrassed that it took 3 tries to cook the steak. The bottom line is that a Steak House should be able to cook a medium rare steak. With so many other top quality steak houses in Boston, I am not sure why I would ever return to Capital Grille.

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  1. least your waiter came over and asked how things were....mine didn't at all and only told his manager after he noticed that I wrote that a few dishes were oversalted on the receipt :-P

    My sirloin came out medium too...I hate medium steaks...way too much chew and much less flavor than medium rare :-(

    1. We were there on the first Sunday of Restaurant week and we were told by the hostess that they were planning to serve 400 meals that night. Though our steak was excellent, the Caesar salad, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and creme brulee was quite mediocre. When we ate there during Restaurant week over the summer the entire meal was excellent. Also, they had us in and out in an hour

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        threads like this make me thrilled that I do not partake in restaurant week. I know there are exceptions to this and good deals to be had but they appear few and far between.

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          Yeah, I wonder how attributable their performance was to Restaurant Week madness. For what it's worth, I've had at least a dozen steaks at Capital Grille in Chestnut Hill over the years, all ordered medium-rare and all served that way.

      2. This is exaclty why a resto shouldn't be reviewed during RW, I recommend trying again. Can't imagine why they participated.

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          Well, if they serve 400 at an average check of $60 with a one hour turn time, the money will be roughly the same for them as 200 at the $100 per person 2.5 hour dinner of a non-restaurant week.

          Plus you run the chance of a RW customer using the menu savings to justify a higher priced wine bottle and you always sell tons of house wine which has a huge markup on it too. It's tough on the restaurant though, taking a toll on the staff.

        2. Went last night and had a fine meal. Steaks were cooked medium rare as requested (on one try) and were excellent. Apps and sides were ok, a bit salty, but everything is to us when we go out as we cook with with no added salt. The creme brulee and raspberry sorbet were very nice. Despite a frenetic Tuesday night, and pretty clearly not the Capital Grille's usual crowd, the staff - from valet to server to manager - were pleasant and professional.

          For us the suggestion to go to a steakhouse during RW was perfect. I would not go otherwise - the dinner we had was a great value, but their regular prices exceed my dinner-out budget.

          1. Well, the Manager called yesterday and again apologized profusely and assured me that this was a rare exception to their norm. He is sending me a certificate to try again, which I will, but not during Restaurant Week.

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              We went last year during RW and I had one of the best meals ever. They had lamb chops which are not on the menu this year and the were the best I have ever had. Everything was great including the service. We went early before it got crazy. They did so well that that kept RW going for an extra week although they didn't advertise that.