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Mar 13, 2011 01:43 PM

Portsmouth, NH in June...

Headed there for a wedding. Only visited Boston once in college and that is the extent of my New England experience. Looking for dining advice primarily, enjoy the higher end , but love to experience the truly local fare, and especially excited for lobster/seafood.

Pesce Blue
103 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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  1. There are definitely threads about Portsmouth NH restaurants in general, as well as about specific restaurants, on the Northern New England board, and this post should probably be moved to that board to get you best results.

    1. Here's a great place, The Green Monkey, check out their website.

      Green Monkey
      86 Pleasant St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

      1. I've lived in Portsmouth my whole life and have quite a few suggestions for you! I wouldn;t limit yourself just to Portsmouth, though. You can find a few good places in the surrounding towns, Exeter, Dover, and York, ME.

        Dolphin Striker

        Old Ferry Landing


        Little Louie's Fish House

        York, ME
        York Lobster & Seafood

        I've written my own reviews for these places on another site, as well.

        York Lobster & Seafood
        855 US Route 1, York, ME 03909

        Dinnerhorn Restaurant
        980 Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03801

        Old Ferry Landing
        10 Ceres St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

        Dolphin Striker
        15 Bow Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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          Just an FYI, Little Louie's Fish House has been closed for quite some time.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Mombo is on the higher end and has it's own parking lot (no charge) many options for seating quite to sitting kitchen side bar. My favorite we get to chat with the chefs. Varied menu and changing all the time.