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Mar 13, 2011 01:29 PM

help please with these butterscotch cookies -- tricky dough/texture, yummy flavor

I made these butterscotch cookies this afternoon and the flavor is intriguing, but the dough was annoyingly crumbly, and the cookies themselves cracked. I couldn't roll the dough in the sugar mixture because of the dough's fragiligy. The cookies fell apart as I gingerly set them on the cookie sheets without even rolling in the sugar.

The reviewers raved about this recipe.

How can I ameliorate this crumbliness? I have heard either less flour (this recipe called for 2 1/2 cups flour) or add more vanilla (1 TBSP here) or even a little milk to the batter. Seasoned or pro bakers -- ideas? The recipe had an egg and an egg yolk -- maybe make it two entire eggs instead?

Or maybe I should just look for a different butterscotch cookie. Thanks. I make butterscotch blondies several times a month (with brown butter also, yum) but I wanted to try some butterscotch cookies for a different twist.

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  1. I've made these cookies before and they truly are amazing!

    For putting the cookies in the sugar I would use a cookie scoop, let them fall into the sugar mix, made sure it had sugar all over and then gently grab them and place them in the cookie pan.

    Do not press the cookies down once in the cookie pan because otherwise you won't get the cookies to look crackly. The crackly appearance after baking is important for the texture and taste.

    1. You know I'd doublecheck the ingredient list to make sure you used exactly the ingredients listed. If you know you used exactly the same ingredients, I'd email the author of the recipe with your question.

      She might have some wisdom for you.

      1. sounds like the dough needed a bit more fat or moisture. cut back a bit on the flour next time, and if it's still too crumbly, add a bit of milk or cream, but not want the dairy fat to bind it.

        and always let the dough *rest* in the fridge for at least an hour or two (preferably overnight if you can spare the time) to give the flour a chance to hydrate. the reality is that everything from the brand of flour to the moisture in the air on a given day can affect the texture, so trust your senses and instincts, and tweak accordingly if something feels off to you.

        1. I did follow the ingredients exactly. I made a second batch a while ago and this time I used about 2 1/4 cups flour, maybe 2 3/8 :-) instead of the full 2 1/2 per the recipe. The dough is now fabulously easy to manipulate. The cookies are much softer too.

          1. What a great looking recipe!
            Reminds me of my Great Grandmas Gingerbread. I gave it a whirl last night and even thought I used buckwheat (which is pretty grainy) I found the batter to be really loose and easy to work with. I browned the butter the way I always do, which differs just slightly from how those instructions say, but I got lovely cracked nicely puffed gluten free cookies.
            here is what I tried
            the recipe certainly has merit and makes a great start to a cookie. I chilled the dough a while before scooping and dredging.

            I don't know if I have helped but I would say try it again, because the measurements seem very balanced, and the rich flavour is so nice and nutty.

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              CookieGal, yes I did make a 2nd batch (see above) and I just reduced the flour a little. Perfect. Crackly. Delish. I served to a big bunch of friends Monday night -- quite a success. Glad you enjoyed them too!