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Mar 13, 2011 01:23 PM

Best Bagels in NYC

I thought for sure this would have been covered but I searched the best of thread and got I'm putting it out there. Where do you think the best bagels are in the city? H&H? Murray's? Vic's? Let's here it...or just point me to the thread so we don't reinvent the wheel.

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  1. bagel hole in park slope is king

    ive eaten bagels everywhere

    1. Hudson Bagels, great texture and taste.

      1. Bagels are alot like pizza there are so many great bagel joints in NYC and so many bad ones.. Also everybody has diffeent criteria of what makes a great bagel. I will second Bagel hole, as well as the following places. 94th St & 4th Ave, in Bay Ridge,Essa bagels,Adams in Forest Hills,Kossars in the LES,BAgel Oasis in Queens,Beach Bagels in Lindenwood, Bagel Bistro in Staten Island. There are many more but these stick out as the best I have had that are still available.


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          Beach Bagels in Lindenwood closed about a year ago.

          1. re: glen3a

            Thanks Glen, I did not know that what a shame they had very good bagels and rolls..

            Oh well Sugan Bun lives..

        2. H & H Bagels on the Upper West Side. No contest.

          1. Utopia Bagels in Bayside are the best in the city.

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