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Best Bagels in NYC

I thought for sure this would have been covered but I searched the best of thread and got nothing...so I'm putting it out there. Where do you think the best bagels are in the city? H&H? Murray's? Vic's? Let's here it...or just point me to the thread so we don't reinvent the wheel.

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  1. bagel hole in park slope is king

    ive eaten bagels everywhere

    1. Hudson Bagels, great texture and taste.

      1. Bagels are alot like pizza there are so many great bagel joints in NYC and so many bad ones.. Also everybody has diffeent criteria of what makes a great bagel. I will second Bagel hole, as well as the following places. 94th St & 4th Ave, in Bay Ridge,Essa bagels,Adams in Forest Hills,Kossars in the LES,BAgel Oasis in Queens,Beach Bagels in Lindenwood, Bagel Bistro in Staten Island. There are many more but these stick out as the best I have had that are still available.


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          Beach Bagels in Lindenwood closed about a year ago.

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            Thanks Glen, I did not know that what a shame they had very good bagels and rolls..

            Oh well Sugan Bun lives..

        2. H & H Bagels on the Upper West Side. No contest.

          1. Utopia Bagels in Bayside are the best in the city.

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            1. I like H&H and yes, Bagel Hole in Park Slope is also great. But I have to say, and I never thought I would be saying this, the best bagels I have had in the NY area, because technically it's not NY, is at Bagelwich in Verona, New Jersey. Hands down.

              1. Quaker Ridge, New Rochelle. Best I've had over the years.
                As a general matter though, whenever a bagel is still slightly warm (but not hot) out of the oven, it is better than a "destination" bagel that is not. A great bagel is a fresh and warm bagel.

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                  Bagel boy in Sheepshead bay (Ave Z /16th) has great bagels. Real Brooklyn style and quality.

                2. I'm a new blogger on this board. I'm wondering if anyone has ever tasted the bagel "TWISTS" that are baked at "The Bagel Corner" on 235th Street in Riverdale (Bronx), NY.
                  I'm definitely a "foodie" and I've eaten bagels all over the metropolitan NYC area. These bagel "twists" are so delicious that I have them sent to me via UPS in New Jersey. I freeze them as soon as they arrive, and, they're so good, that when I eventually and carefully defrost them at room temp (I'd never use a microwave for defrosting any type of bread - God forbid) they still taste better than any fresh bagel that is available to me in New Jersey. Okay.... no jokes about the availability of great food or restaurants in New Jersey because there are definitely some outstanding choices in Bergen and Hudson Counties. Zabar
                  P.S. Bagel "Twists" are long, narrow bagels that are approximately 8" to 10" in length x 3" in width, and, they are available plain, with poppy seeds or onions on top. Zabar

                  1. I thought for sure this would have been covered but I searched the best of thread and got nothing
                    it's all on the Manhattan board.


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                      Absolute bagels in Manhattan no contest

                    2. My favorites bagels have always been from a place called "Hot Bagels" (now Hot Bagels and Bialys) between 16th and 17th street on King's Highway in Brooklyn. Worth the trek. Always something good, hot and fresh. I've ordered a gross from there and given the dozens as gifts. I've had all the top Manhattan places, and those are awesome bagels, but Hot Bagels makes my favorites.

                      1. I recently moved from the Five Towns on Long Island to the UES. There is a bagel joint in the Five Towns that I really like, and being an elderly Jew, I think I can speak with some authority on the matter.

                        Anyway, a month or so before I made the move, I visited the store to get my tuna on a bagel. The owner was there and I told him I was moving to NY and that the only thing I would miss by moving were his bagels. When he asked me where I was moving to and I told him, he told me he had a store near me on 88th & Lex. Oh, what joy filled my heart.

                        Anyway, today I decided to go there and check it out. But before I left my apartment, I read soem reviews about this place on Yelp. Not too good, I thought. Lots of complaints about the help. Lots of complaints about the size of the bagels.

                        Let me address the "help" issue first. How much do you think these kids earn there? Have you ever stood over a vat of boiling bagels. Have you ever stood behind a counter all day? Give these kids a break, please. They're working at a so so job. But they're working when a lot of kids their age are just playing around. Treat them the way you would like to be treated. Here's what I did when I walked in...

                        Salesgirl: Hi,can I help you?

                        Me: Yes. Do you sell bagels here? (Remember, I'm standing in a store with bagels hanging from every appurtenance in sight).

                        Salesgirl: (Slight pause...not sure how to respond. Quick look at her fellow worker standing nearby) Why, yes, we do.

                        Me: (Still playing the part of the clueless, old white guy). Oh, great. Do you have different kinds of bagels?

                        Salesgirl: (Looks again at her coworker.) Yes, we have all kinds of bagels. (She points to the display 3 feet next to me to about 15 wire baskets holding every kind of bagel imaginable.)

                        Me: (Pretending to study all the baskets...finally I say). OK, I think I'll have the...the...the....plain one.

                        Salesgirl: (Cracks a smile for the first time). Would you like me to toast it? Cream cheese?

                        Me: (Pulling out my iPhone and looking at the screen). No, but I'd like some funa tish.

                        Salesgirl:(Looks at me quizzically) Funa tish?

                        Me: (Turning my iPhone right-side up). Oh, I mean tuna fish.

                        Well, by now she gets it and, not only she, but the whole store, starts to laugh.

                        But here's the best part. As I"m paying the $6.88 for the bagel (and I leave her a dollar tip), I hear the next customer in line say to the salesgirl..."Excuse me, do you sell bagels here?"

                        So my point is, a little bit of humor goes a long way.

                        Now, let's address the "small bagel" complaint. I like to watch my weight. So I only eat half the bagel. So bagel size does not matter to me. But let me continue my bagel story.

                        As I'm walking back to my apartment where I'm looking forward to trying the bagel and tuna fish to see if it is indeed the same as the one from my old neighborhood, I pass a bum sitting on the sidewalk holding out a cup and asking for money.

                        Bum: Any spare change?

                        Me: No, but are you hungry?

                        Bum: Yes.

                        Me: Do you want half a bagel?

                        Bum: (I swear, I'm not making this up) What kind of bagel?

                        Me: What the fuck....what kind of bagel? I'm offering you a bagel and you want to know what kind it is? It's plain...with tuna.

                        Bum: Tuna? Oh, yes. I'll take it. Thanks, brother.

                        Me: You're welcome. Enjoy.

                        All true, every last bit, so help me.

                        Oh, and the bagel with tuna? How was it? As good as the one from my old neighborhood. It tasted exactly the same. I'm in heaven.

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                          So what's the name of the place?(And do they have bagels?)

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                            "Corner Bagel Market" 1324 Lexington Avenue (NWC Lex & 88th).

                            They are not "bready" like so many other bagels are and he bakes them just long enough so that the bottoms have a bit of crunch to them.

                            And if you want to experiment a little bit, try his pumpernickel bagel with butter and two slices of American cheese. WARNING: HABIT FORMING

                            Let me know what you think.

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                              Tried the everything.Good call on this place-skin had right resistance, interior neither too fluffy/sugary nor too dense. Overall good taste. Not very big but that's my preference anyway. Thanks for the rec.

                        2. Not into the surly service at the Bagel Hole, thought the bagels there were pretty whatever too.

                          I recommend David's Bagels on 1st Ave btw. 15th & 16th. There's also Ess-a-Bagel just up up the street which people like. I think they're way too doughy myself.