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Mar 13, 2011 01:18 PM

Pizza Construction in Canmore

I had heard GREAT things about Pizza Construction and have been meaning to try it for years, but usually go "out" for food in canmore so never got around to it. But last night we were a bit late eating and most of the restaurants had closed, so we placed an order to PC and had it delivered to the condo. man, we were missing out. this is most definitely the best example of albertan-style greek bar pizza that i've EVER had. while i'm not a huge fan of the genre (too bready for me), theirs was excellent. great spicy sauce, and ample amounts of it. the toppings were FRESH and of the highest quality. at $27 for a large specialty pizza, it's more expensive than the fast food pizza chains, but it's well worth it. highly recommended.

I'm very picky and opinionated when it comes to pizza, and can criticize even the "best" pies... but there is absolutely nothing I would change about PC pie. I suppose this is why they've been there for 25 years and have survived the onslaught of dominoes and panago.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, I've lived here for 6 years & never tried a pizza from this place. It's on my list now though after your glowing review!

    1. I've been living in Canmore this winter and love this Pizza! We usally order the "Overloaded", which is wonderful!

      In fact the food in Canmore and restaurants, as a whole, are fantastic!!

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        ^^yea, we got the overloaded too. it was AWESOME pizza, and (as I said) I don't even really like that style! LOL. I can't beleive I slept on that place for so long... it's just that when in canmore, I usually do "finer" dining, but we were late getting in last weekend and didn't want to go out an hour before the kitchen closed. Hopefully we'll have more late nights in the future LOL!!!

        and I agree - Canmore has EXCELLENT food options.

        1. re: nonlinear

          We are currently loving the Thai place temporarily using the Summit Cafe in the evenings as it's base. This is the same operation as the Thai Bus in the summer on Main Street - really good food and friendly people running the place. I hear there is a major doubt that the bus will be back this summer which is a big shame .

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            I've been eating breakfast a lot at Summit Cafe, which has very god food and excellent Latte's. The owner told me about the evening Thai, I will have to try it out this week, thx.

      2. Love them- we saw the delivery car all over the place, thought the sign was cute and ordered just to try once and we're fans. My mom lives in Canmore and that's our pizza of choice when we go down there. Actually wish they had one in Edmonton, because the pizza is no great hell here. I like the Swiss one.

        I echo the praise of the Summit- it's our favorite breakfast place in Alberta. Solid mexican inspired brekkies, great coffee and always something good in muffin selection.

        The little convenience store next door has got some nice baked goods as well. The fresh donuts are particularly evily delicious...

        I have not tried the Thai place- my hubby has a shellfish allergy, so we're pretty careful about Asian food (as in he pretty much can't eat it).