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Mar 13, 2011 12:26 PM

What is the VERY BEST thing you've ever eaten?

Of all the foods you've tried and made, what do you say is the most delicious? Post a recipe if you want to share.

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  1. Such a difficult question. Tastes change over the years.

    But, if I had to make a decision on the "very best" that I remember, then it was the bacon sandwich I had for breakfast today.

    Maynard's Staffordshire Black bacon, lightly grilled with not a hint of crispness. Burgen soya & linseed bread, smeared with Heinz ketchup. Perfect start to the day.

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    1. re: Harters

      I miss that bread~ wish they had it here in USA!

    2. How on earth could a person pick ONE thing? Deliciousness can be a fleeting thing, one bite astounding and the third or fourth cloying. It could be a combination of taste and induced greed, such as I remember from the night Dad brought home pork neckbones and asked Mom to cook them with sauerkraut, like spareribs. I remember diving into those - there was NO way to eat them with knife and fork - and eventually coming up for air, hands and face dripping with grease and filled with heavenly bliss. It was totally wonderful and slightly shameful, like a PC-rated version of an orgy, and while we all exclaimed our rapture we never had that again.

      1. Hi there...

        Well, I don't know that it was the VERY BEST meal ever but it was certainly memorable.

        We were camping in the Olympic Rain Forest - in a tent - with bugs.

        Breakfast... Coffee from the Chemex, waffles made over the campfire in an old cast iron waffle iron, bacon from a CI skillet, berry syrup.



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          This reminds me of a breakfast while camping on Cape Cod---we got up early and went and picked wild blueberries, made pancakes with them, and had them with maple syrup and scrambled eggs and faintly licorice-tasting linguica pork sausage bought in a Portugese market in Provincetown.

          But I also remember breakfast in a little town in the South of France, Agde, where one of us would make coffee by filtering it into an empty jar we had picked up some place while the other one would run to the bakery down the street for still-warm "pain raisin" which wasn't raisin bread after all but a sort of Danish pastry all covered up with warm lemony custard and juicy raisins.

          Or the corncakes my Southern-derived grandma made by frying cornbread batter on a hot griddle in copious bacon fat. I can cook hundreds of things Grandma never heard of but the few simple things she did cook, not one of them can I cook as well as she.

        2. Very difficult to answer and not just one thing, but....

          Orange bread (I think it was brioche) from a bakery in Nice, France

          Turkey wings at Thanksgiving (mine), no one else wants them, but wonderfully delicious, greasy and moist.. The sweetest meat on the bird.

          Perfect panko breaded shrimp garnished with creamy risotto my son made at his restaurant .

          I think the very best thing is something fresh and simple cooked or prepared to perfection.

          1. The first thing I ever ate that stunned me with its flavor was the same thing that knocked Julia Child for a loop--sole meunière. It was my first trip to France with my husband and when that classic dish came to the table, I was in rapture--and I'd never been a big fan of fish. I can still see the restaurant, almost taste the fish, and if I remember properly (I was young, pretty and tipsy) I kissed the maitre'd.