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Mar 13, 2011 12:24 PM

Mexican chorizo sighting

A perpetual question hereabouts is whether Mexican chorizo is available anywhere. Usually the answer is no, but yesterday, I picked up 10 links' worth of Mexican chorizo for $6.89 at the BJs in Waltham, near Russo's.

Having thrown out the packaging when I repackaged the links for the freezer, I don't recall the brand name, but I turned a couple links into some chorizo and eggs for lunch this afternoon and I am entirely satisfied with it. If anything, I'd like it to be slightly fattier (it was easily the leanest chorizo I've ever dealt with), but the flavor was spot-on.

Next stop: pot of beans.

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  1. I picked up some fresh chorizo, the soft kind, from Savenor's in Cambridge the other day. I haven't used it yet (part of a Mexican meatloaf recipe). I'm assuming it's Mexican style. It lists ingredients and says "Distributed by Savenor's" so it's not house-made but there isn't a brand listed. $5.99/lb. Smells pretty good.

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      I finally used the chorizo from Savenor's. Seemed to be pretty lean as well. Combined with 93% lean ground beef in the meatloaf, there was surprisingly little rendered fat in the meatloaf. Delicious, and still enough fat for plenty of moisture.

      I'll have to check out the BJ's for comparison whhen I make a Russo's run, since you can shop for a day without membership and pay a bit more than members.

    2. There are three places in my area where I've found authentic chorizo: Poblano's in downtown Lynn (they carry two brands, one is very fatty, both are so-so quality but with the taste I was looking for), there is another small Hispanic store on Union Street (can't remember the name) that carries what looks like homemade chorizo which is quite good but I don't go there anymore (long story ...). Finally, Whole Foods in Swampscott had Mexican chorizo some time ago that was really good but they don't anymore :-( I asked the guys at the meat department (it was next to the pork sausage) and they told me they started making it right there in the store but no one was buying it (I guess I was the only one). If you have a favorite Whole Foods maybe you can ask the butcher if they can make some?

      Union Street Restaurant
      107R Union St, Newton Center, MA 02459