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Pyramid Shaped Chocolate Raspberry Cake in Los Angeles??

Chocolatedipped Mar 13, 2011 12:20 PM

Years back there was a coffee shop at the Universal City Walk next to the movie theater who sold the most amazing chocolate raspberry cake by the slice or whole. The whole was a HUGE cake in the shape of a pyramid covered with a chocolate ganache and adorned with fresh raspberries. I used to get this cake for every occasion and then some. Somewhere along the line I forgot about it though.

The shop was closed down probably around 2003/2004 and Starbucks took over. They told me the name of the bakery who supplied their cake but now that I am looking for it again I can't remember the details for the life of me and would like to see if any of you out there do???

I have looked around for it and the closest thing I can see as far as pictures are concerned is the Chocolate Raspberry cake at Sussina Bakery. However, it's not shaped the same. The one at Sussina is in the shape of a regular round cake and it doesn't look like it has the chocolate ganache, but a white icing instead. Looks delicious and i'll try it soon but....

Does anyone know/remember what I am talking about and if it still exists?

Thanks so much.

  1. trolley Mar 13, 2011 02:32 PM

    have you tried viktor benes or someone like michel richard? don't know if they make something like that but sounds like they might....

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      Chocolatedipped Mar 13, 2011 05:50 PM

      Thanks for the thoughts but I don't think it was from these bakeries. I thought it could be Victor Benes since I thought that the shop at City Walk said the supplier for the cake I am looking for is from a bakery on Ventura but VB's doesn't seem like it. I think I will go to Michel Richard's place just to be sure though.

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