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Mar 13, 2011 12:06 PM

Honey tastes like plastic container

We usually go through one plastic honeybee container of brand-whatever honey every six months or so. By the time we get to the end, it tastes like the plastic container. Or is it wax? Anyone have any thoughts about this?

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  1. I havn't had that happen with honey, but I have had that happen with maple syrup. I do think it's best to buy both in glass containers.

    If you buy some honey or maple syrup that comes in plastic, it might be best to repackage it in sterilized canning jars. That's what I do with my maple syrup. I buy it buy the gallon, which means plastic. I warm it up a bit, pour it into 500ml sterilized glass canning jars, and pop them into a boiling water bath for 5 minutes to seal. I have some from 2 years ago now which is still fresh as a daisy when opened. No reason not to do the same with honey.

    1. I just put it in glass and it keeps forever ( in the fridge during hot months).

      1. Buy local, buy glass.

        It might be fun to find a local beekeeper. The easiest way is to wander the farmers' markets but you could also contact a local beekeeping association (google, facebook, libraries all harbor beekeepers).

        I have backyard bees & would not bottle their hard work in plastic -- particularly since I avoid chemicals in the yard & in the hive boxes. There is a lot of questionable honey out there. It's a good bet to look for raw products originally packaged in glass. And get a taste first, if you can!

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          I've been buying only one brand of U.S. honey in glass. I bought their product last week and found that they had made a name change on their label and had a different honey. I thought it was the same honey, but it is not.
          Also the discount house I bought it from charged the same as the company's list price.

          Not everything in the discount department stores are a bargain. But I still go there for Italian and Spanish honey in glass. Not to be found anywhere else.

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            Local raw honey in a glass container is a revelation ... I can't praise it enough. The Ball jar of honey I have is from the Finger Lakes region of NYS and has hints of chamomile. Beautiful color, taste, and no plastic. Worth the extra money IMO.