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Mar 13, 2011 11:56 AM

Ireland MUST visit locations that the locals love - not looking for tourist favorites, but great local food and flair

Minnesotans coming to Ireland for our first visit. Only have 7 days, flying into Dublin and staying at Heritage Golf & Resort in Killenanard for part of our trip. Planning on being in Dublin a couple of days, Galway/Aran Islands, Cork, Wexford.

I know, too much in too little time. Arriving April 11th.

Would love to hear some recommendations. Adventurous eaters, lovers of a great local pub looking to experience Ireland's best kept secrets!

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Loved the Winding Stair in Dublin.

    1. Dublin pubs - Long Hall and Kehoes

      1. FIshy - Fishy in Kinsale .. if you get down that way.

        1. Food Network's Bobby Flay visits Ireland here -- no secrets now, I guess --

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            watched it yesterday...and learned a few great tips!

          2. In Galway try Bar no 8 by the docks and the Artisan at 2 quay street. There also is Sheridan's Cheese Monger for great cheeses, cured meats and the wine store. All have web sites.

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              Thanks for the Bar 8 recommendation in Galway - we ate there last night. I really liked the hake. Other people had the Conemara trout, the seafood pasta, and the eggplant dish, and all were enjoyed.