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Mar 13, 2011 10:36 AM

Vino e Olio, Miami

Any comments on Vino e Olio? I read about it in Departures and planning a visit to Miami Beach in April. Looking for the best food.

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  1. ny>

    V e O is not on Miami Beach and frankly there are better spots for Italian fare closer to Miami Beach at all price points. Depending on your budget you can try Sardinia, Fratelli la Bufala, Osteria del Teatro, Fiamma, Spris Pizza, Grazie...


    701 Washington Avenue, Maimi Beach, FL 33139

    2305 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134

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      1. I've been to Vino e Olio a couple times, once for a regular dinner and another time for a special event meal. It can be somewhat hit or miss but it has its virtues. The space itself is intriguing, dark and loungy. The menu bounces between some more contemporary items and very traditional Tuscan fare. Some things I really enjoyed were an eggplant dish with layers of mozzarella and sweetbreads, spinach gnudi, tortelli stuffed with ricotta & pecorino cheese and served in a beetroot sauce, and an appetizer of a tripe sandwich, just like they serve off of carts in Tuscany. Some other things - some of the meat entrées in particular - can be a bit austere.

        Prices can be a bit high but not when compared to, say, a place like Scarpetta in th Fontainebleau (though I don't think the execution is on the same level).

        On the beach I like Sardinia which has very nice vegetable and cheese antipasti and a regional focus to the menu which makes it different from the garden variety Italian restaurant.

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          Its an expensive meal, no doubt. I've been 3 times and always enjoyed the pasta dishes I've had - a spinach gnudi and a fresh pepper pasta. I also liked the eggplant/sweetbread dish Frod mentioned along with a scallop appetizer. A seabass main was also fantastic on one visit. There have been other dishes that missed the mark and, quite frankly, I dont really get the urge to visit this place because of the value and because I can spend less and eat better at Michael's Genuine which is right next door. That's where you go if you're looking for the best food.

          1. re: Blind Mind

            I was just in yesterday, the chef has a new menu out with much better pricing. I had a butternut squash soup and a seafood risotto and my wife had a plate of grilled veggies and the pumpkin ravioli. For two courses and wine we spent about $40 each, not a bad deal in my book. I suggest you try Vino e Olio out for yourself, if it's a nice night out call and reserve one of the tables in their outdoor space.