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Mar 13, 2011 09:41 AM

Cooking classes in New Orleans?

I have a friend and fellow foodie coming down from Nashville for a weekend visit who is interested in taking a cooking class while in town. I know of all the usual classes such as New Orleans School of Cooking and such, but we are both a little past that level. I have read the latest post by the TP food editor as well, something like what the Savvy Gourmet used to do would have been perfect but of course it is long gone. Any suggestions anyone? I am especially interested in non-Creole/Cajun food in particular Vietnamese. If nobody is doing classes in this cuisine, someone is missing the boat! I would appreciate any input....Thanks!

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  1. did you look at the New Orleans Cooking Experience?, i think.

    1. I can't help but thanks for the idea about international cooking instructions.

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        Speaking of Savvy, I must confess to being miffed still at them. I'd gone in, spent a bunch on cookware that was on sale. They gave me a gift card as thanks, which I obviously appreciated, nice gesture. I had a feeling that the sale may have been for a reason, i.e., a fire sale, so I asked, jokingly, You guys aren't closing, are you? Oh no no, was the response. We're looking to move to a larger facility. All this time later, nada! If I'd known I'd have used the gift card on the spot!

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          It's no use to complain now I guess, but I had a similar experience - while buying a gift card for a present, I commented that the shelves seemed barer than I remembered, and was told they were just waiting for a shipment. Two weeks later they closed, and my $75 gift card became obsolete. Jerks.