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Mar 13, 2011 08:42 AM

Greek Yogurt in Paris?

I'm a student studying abroad here for the semester and since I've been here I haven't been able to find any brands of greek yogurt anywhere. I'm CRAVING some with honey and almond slices, but all i ever seem to find is a French yogurt (which, I guess is reasonable since we are in France).

Has anyone ever found any greek yogurt here in the City of Lights? Perhaps in a grocery, a cheese shop, an outdoor market, or a Greek restaurant? Let me know! I'm going though Fage-withdrawl!

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  1. I've seen it in Mononprix, Franprix and other supermarkets: "Yaourt à la Grecque". If you can't find it, the Turkish shops in the 10th sell something similar with a high fat count.

    1. Good advice from Vielleanglaise. However, since you are only in France for a short while, why not try some of the French yogurts that may be harder to find once you're home: cabri from goat's milk, brebis from sheep's milk and the many unusually flavored cow's milk yogurts such as marron (chestnut), prune, figue, caramel and many others. These are what I crave once I get home.

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        Any specific shops you would recommend? I've had a bunch of the flavors of the cows milk yogurts the last few times I was here for summers but I'm all up for trying new things! And I love anything made with a good goat or sheep's milk!

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          Hooboy... Any of the fromageries mentioned here, Bon Marche, Galleries Lafayette. And I've not bought wrong when I've bought the better stuff at the large supermarkets, Monoprix et al.

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            La Grande Epicerie at le Bon Marché has Fage/Total Greek yogurt.

      2. Since nothing really compares to Fage yogurt, here's some advice:
        - Find Total and Provataki cartons at Greek caterers and grocers. Several addresses throughout Paris. Mavrommatis rue Censier, Sitia rue de Bazeilles, Produits de Grèce 15 rue Lagrange, Le Pirée 47 bd Saint-Germain - and that was only the 5th. Dionysos 61 rue Oberkampf, Heratchian 6 rue Lamartine, Olivari rue Littré, Micro 144 rue Saint-Honoré, and many more.
        - Follow Vieilleanglaise's advice and get 1-kg buckets of Turkish yogurt. Make sure you get it 100% pure, some brands add gelatine.
        - Follow Mangeur's advice but IMO the best French yogurt (cow, ewe or goat's milk) is to be found at the health food stores (try Naturalia).

        1. Mamie Nova is a terrific French yaourt, widely available. If you get to a supermarket, you will notice about 10x the quantity and selection of yogurt as compared to the US. The French are really in to their yogurt. You might see some brands of yogurt marked "onctueux". This will be a very thick, high fat product, similar to the Greek yogurt you are seeking.

          1. I've never not seen greek yogurt in any large supermarket. maybe you just need to step out of the quaint neighborhood markets and get into a super (like monoprix that vielleanglaise mentioned) or hyper (auchan, carrefour).

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              I've found greek yogurt at Monoprix and other super markets, but it just isn't the same texture or quite as tangy as what I'm looking for in my Greek yogurt. I'm going to make a stop over at the Bon Marche or Galleries Lafayette to get my Fage fix asap.

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                I haven't seen any Fage at Bon Marché or Lafayette lately but I see above someone who has located Total there so that would be great news if they have it on a regular basis.

                Also, the Turkish version is identical to the Greek version. Not straggismeno (as Total is) though.
                You're absolutely safe with the Greek shops I mentioned. You'll always find at least some Total there.

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                  Fage/Total (isn't it the same thing?) is always at La Grande Epicerie (at least every time I go -- which is more than twice a week). If you're facing the dairy section, it's to the far left, in one of the refrigerated cases that caps the aisle. There are at least three shelves devoted to it. They have fat free, full fat, and vanilla.

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                    Wow. Thanks.
                    (Fage is the brand, Total is the product - cream-enriched strained yogurt.)

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                      Technically Fage is the company and Total is their brand of greek style yoghurts. I say "style" because I understand the manufacturing process of this multinational dairy company varies by country and the nature of the milk.

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                        Or the OP could line a stainer with a tea towel and dump in a liter of yogurt of choice = 2/3 liter of what is sold as Greek yogurt. Add cream or ... or not...