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Mar 13, 2011 08:18 AM

in need of assistance! both delorenzo's locales are closed mondays; should i go to papa's?

hello, ive had delorenzo's on my must try list for a looong time now, and will be in PA about 40 miles or so away from trenton, and whaddya know? both locations are closed mondays (except for one in some cafe called risoldi's i think?)! now, ive never had a trenton tomato pie, so don't know what to expect, but since papa's has been around almost 100 years and has just as good reviews on yelp, i figure i should just go there. thanks for any info, it's much appreciated!

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  1. Risoldi's is a supermarket on QuakerBridge Rd .

    1. I've lived all my life in the Trenton area and have never been to Papa's. Keep meaning to go before I leave in April, but not sure I'll make it. I'm told I should definitely go. You probably won't be disappointed.

      But if you want convenient, it's very easy to get to Risoldi's supermarket - it's right off 295. Get there before 8 - they don't serve pies after that. Not much difference between their pizza and the Hamilton Ave location's pizza.

      1. papa's ended up having really good pizza. we were the first customers in the place, and i loved the old school ambience; awesome service by cindy too! we had the monday pizza special: a large white broccoli pizza for $15 ($2 extra for fresh spinach), which i thought was very reasonable. it was DELICIOUS! i could hardly stop eating it...nice, fresh ricotta, fresh spinach, al dente broccoli florets, yum. the crust was nice; a lil chewy, charred and just the right amount of salt. next time, id get some fresh garlic on it, but garlic powder sufficed just fine. we also ordered a tomato pie, which was good also, but not as good as the white! i liked how it was a bit sweet though, although i'd be happier w/ more tomatoes and less cheese. i did like eating one white slice then one red slice though, ill admit! i also had a taste of the red cream soda, which was way too sweet for me, but i liked sipping it after the garlicky pizza. anyway, if you haven't tried papa's, give em a shot; they haven't been there 99 years for no reason!