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Mar 13, 2011 07:41 AM


Would also like to get some SMOKED SHRIMP (Large to Jumbo size). Live in the Knoxville area but will pay for shipping from just about anywhere in the states

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  1. doing a search on the Chowhound forums turns up close to 3,000 threads.

    A google of "smoked fish chubs" turns up 14,000 pages, the first several pages of which are all online vendors.

    A Google of "buy smoked shrimp" then clicking on "Shopping results" gets you another few thousand sources.

    1. Have you asked the folks at The Shrimp Shack (in Bearden on Kingston Pike) if they could get it in for you?
      Recently they've added salted, dried cod (which is a New England thing), so they may be interested in expanding their offerings.

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      1. re: shallots

        Psst, Shallot, It's the Shrimp Dock not Shack. :-) Also one in Farragut.

      2. I'm not in the area, but I note that two grocery stores are reputed to carry lines of Kosher food (this is from the Chabad of Knoxville website --

        Food City- Centre at Deane Hill
        284 Morrell Road
        Knoxville, TN 37919

        Kroger - Knox Plaza
        4918 Kingston Pike
        Knoxville, TN 37919

        The following store delivers to Knoxville several times throughout the year, please call for the delivery schedule.

        Quality Kosher Emporium
        2153 Braicliff Road, N.E.
        Atlanta, GA 30329
        Call for delivery schedule
        Steve Gilmer - 800.305.6328

        [End of quote


        That seems like the place to start. Any place that features Kosher food can probably special order for you, even if they don't carry it in stock. Yesterday, I was in my Costco and saw that they had a nice bunch of smoked fishes (both whitefish and salmon). You don't have any Costcos down there, but maybe your local Sam's Club can get it for you. Finally, there is a plethura of on-line sources for smoked whitefish. Zabar's is an obvious, if expensive, choice (

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          Of course, none of the kosher sources will carry shrimp. If you don't care about that, you might as well go with the best, which is Russ & Daughters in NYC:

          1. re: nm1

            Hah! Of course, you are correct--I was focussing on the whitefish.

        2. You can get smoked trout ,whitefish ,ciscoes,herring,salmon,sugar cured or regular cured,but you only have 2 day's left to order, sorry they do not have a web sight,I've gotten from them many many times and alway's it was fantastic,as a mattter of fact I'm awaiting a package right now,you can only order 5 or 3 pounds, for the 5 pounds they'll let you mix.
          Russ Kendall's Smokehouse,they are in knife River,Mn. 218-834-5995

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          1. re: mutti

            Thanks for the info - Really nice person helped me to learn that Smoked Ciscoes are supposed to be very close in taste to chubs so I ordered 5 #s which should deliver by the end of the week. Unfortunately they don't have smoked shrimp so I'm still looking for more referrals.

            1. re: cecilia moore

              Do tell did you like your smoked fish,sorry I did not mention that they don't carry smoked shrimp.I'm just about finished with my order so now have to wait for November for more.

              1. re: mutti

                Thanks so much for the info - I LOVED THE FISH !!!!!!! I got mine on Friday so I'm still enjoying them. Since they don't ship anymore until November I plan to get some from Hagen's in Chicago - both Ciscoes and Shrimp. They don't have chubs though - just the ciscoes. I had Hagen's ( ) shrimp & chubs (about 5+ years ago) and it was good - not as good as Joe's Fisheries in Chicago but they closed their doors years ago.

                1. re: cecilia moore

                  Smoked chubs ROCK.

                  At first I thought they were just small, cheaper whitefish. But man, they are different. Gentler, creamier - just lovely. So glad you found some (or some just like it!)

                  Now I need to buy some here : )

                  1. re: cecilia moore

                    Hi Cecilia. thanks for getting back to me,I will check out the hagenfish market,but I'll tell you I'm pretty much hooked on Russ Kendell's been with them now for over 5 years,and have gotten smoked fish at many other places, such as wholefoods costco's etc ect ect,none come close to the flavor of Kendells,don't know if they send you a list of their products which should have been included in your package if not they'll send you one when It's the season once again,next time try the sugar Trout ,to die for,ha-haaa,have a favor to ask you ,we'll be driving thru to Roanoke,va next month,can you recommend a grocery store that carries White Lily corn meal and flour.Thank You, cant find it here in Arkansas.

                    1. re: mutti

                      Hi Mutti, Never heard of White Lily Corn Meal & Flour but I'll do some checking for you and let you know.
                      Hagens may be better now. Don't have a choice for me to get jumbo smoked shrimp since they charge $15.00 per pound which isn't much more than the raw & cooked at the grocery stores and the Smoked is SO MUCH BETTER..... If you do check out Hagens you can get a mix of fish and shrimp.
                      Will let you know about the flour and corn meal.

                      1. re: mutti

                        White Lily Corn Meal & Flour sell at Food City and Kroger stores in Knoxville, TN. Hope you can buy some on your way to VA.
                        Good Luck.

              2. I would second the recommendation for the Shrimp Dock. By many standards this place has the best seafood selection in the Knoxville area. Plus, you'd be supporting great local folks and saving a bundle on shipping.

                The Shrimp Dock

                2 area locations, Bearden and Farragut

                5210 Kingston Pike

                Knoxville, TN 37919


                11124 Kingston Pike, #111

                Knoxville, TN 37934



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                1. re: Khotso98

                  thanks for the info,the shrimpdock sounds like a must stop,we love our po boys,hopefully I'll be able to stock up on shrimp on the way back home,but it will depend on where we stop for the night,both going and coming we thought to make Nasville our overnight stop,so It's a matter of when they get their shrimp and will it survive the trip home to Harrison. Last year Dandridge Seafood Restaurant was recommened, never made it to them as we forgot our paperwork at home,anyone have any thought's on that?

                  Dandridge Seafood
                  310 E Meeting St, Dandridge, TN 37725