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Mar 12, 2011 07:47 PM

Quiet Place for Drinks in Hollywood, Studio City or Sherman Oaks?

I don't do bars normally, but need to meet an old friend for a few hour of drinks and conversation Sunday evening. (I know this is similar to another recent topic but we're limited to the areas above.) Would greatly appreciate your suggestions.


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  1. There's a cute little bar at Ca del Sol near Universal. (that may be just outside your boundaries...but not by much) I've never seen it very crowded. And, if they're not really busy, I'm sure you could get a table on the patio. It's a nice place and you can actually have a conversation there.

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      Thanks very much Perk. I had dinner there several years ago. It would be perfect, except for the fact that they close at 9 pm on Sunday. Since we're meeting after dinner and haven't seen each other in years, I'm afraid their closing time would cut our conversation short.

      1. re: globalgourmet

        Wow....that's early, huh? Guess that will be a problem at a lot of places in the valley.
        What about Firefly? I haven't been but I've heard good things. Don't know about the noise level, though. I'm sure there are places in Hollywood, but I don't know about quiet places.
        If you're just having wine....this may sound weird...but Greenblatt's would be a good choice.
        They have a terrific wine store...and you just pay a small corkage. You could sit in a booth downstairs (or upstairs) and I'm sure it would be quiet. (Well...until the comedy store lets out.) And they're open until 2 am....and have free parking behind the building. Not a plush cocktail lounge...and no booze.

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          Both great suggestions!

          Thanks so much.

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            i haven't been to Firefly in a while, but IIRC noise isn't a problem unless you happen to be seated next to a particularly obnoxious or boisterous table...which only happened to me once. i think it's a great suggestion.

      2. I love Pinot Bistro in Studio City - probably my favorite French restaurant at the moment. Pleasant bar area too. They have both wine and cocktails.

        Pinot Bistro
        12969 Ventura Blvd.
        Studio City

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          1. How about Yamashiro? They shouldn't be to crowded on Sunday (if they are open Sundays)
            and the ambience is great for cocktails and conversation...and they have one of the best city views in town.

            1999 N Sycamore Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90068

            1. The Sheraton Hotel up near Universal Studios has a great bar. They have these lounge seats that are so comfortable, plus a variety of other seating arrangements. Cocktails are pretty good as well, and it can be pretty quite if there is not a big crowd in the hotel.