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Mar 12, 2011 06:58 PM

best Mexican in Durham/Chapel Hill?

So far I have Cinco de Mayo on Franklin st at the top of my list. (I liked the chile poblano and the carnitas can be good) But it can certainly be bland and I don't understand what happened the other day with my tortillas. THey have me flour, I asked for corn and they gave me these soft yellow ones that tasted terribly.
Anyway, the best tacos i've had were from the taco truck in Carrboro, but in terms of a sit down restaurant what do y'all recommend?

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  1. My favorites are Carrburritos for burritos, Los Portales near Southpoint Mall, and Fiesta Grill in White Cross. Many on here love Tonali but I was not that impressed. There are several taquerias in Durham that deserve mention but I have a hard time remembering which ones.

    711 Rosemary St, Carrboro, NC

    Tonali Restaurant
    3642 Shannon Rd Ste 1, Durham, NC 27707

    Fiesta Grill
    45 Newnan Station Dr Ste C, Newnan, GA 30265

    1. Los Comales in Durham is one of the better taquerias I've been to in NC. La Vaquita gets a lot of love on here, too.

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        I don't see much reason to go for sit down Mexican when there are so many good trucks in Carrboro. I've been really impressed by the taco truck that parks at Fitch's Lumber in Carrboro on the weekend nights. Great tacos, especially the lengua. I tried the Dos Hermanos taqueria near the Music Loft in Carrboro. Not impressive.
        There are many good spots in Durham.

        1. re: Tom from Raleigh

          Six of one, half dozen of another to me. You're going to pay about the same at a hole in the wall taqueria as you would at a truck, and half the time the trucks are branches of a sit down place anyway, due to the commissary rule. Sit down places usually have platillos too, which is a bonus IMO, and what I often go for these days.

          But in any case, the OP asked about sit down options, so I gave some.

      2. I really like La Vaquita on Hillsborough Rd. in Durham. It's small and not fancy - but it is definitely sit down.

        It's owned by the same family that have the one with the cow on the roof.

        1. The tacos al pastor at Cinco de Mayo are great and enormous. Make sure to get the Charro beans instead of the regular refritos for an extra dose of porkiness.

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            I've always enjoyed Carrburito's; it's not uber authentic but it is very fresh. The fish tacos are excellent, Tuesday which is tofu night is always packed. Great prices, excellent quality. And there is seating inside and outside.

            711 W Rosemary St, Carrboro, NC 27510

          2. Mexican cooked with culinary skill and high quality local ingredients, hands down it's Tonali. For casual taqueria food a second vote for Los Comales.

            Los Comales
            2103 N Roxboro St, Durham, NC 27704

            Tonali Restaurant
            3642 Shannon Rd Ste 1, Durham, NC 27707