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Mar 12, 2011 06:26 PM

Banana Cream Pie?

I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions of where I can get a good banana cream pie? Important factors would be: The crust, the pudding/filling, and the amount of "banana-ness". I prefer real banana as opposed to just banana flavoring of course.

Let me know if you've got any ideas....


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  1. Are you looking for an entire pie to take home, or just a slice? It was a while back, but I had an awesome slice of banana cream pie at the Twin City Grill in MOA. I like banana cream pie, but it's not my go-to dessert choice (that would normally be something chocolate). I still remember this pie as being super delicious.

    Twin City Grill
    130 N Garden, Bloomington, MN 55425

    1. Keys in downtown Minneapolis makes a fantastic banana cream pie.

      The savory dishes are just mediocre, but the desserts are generally pretty good.

      Also great place to unwind after a long day in court, esp. during happy hour.


      1. The Seward coop has a great pie made with natural ingredients. They don't always have it, so it might be best to call them.

        1. Call me crazy, but I just love the banana cream pie at the House of Wong in Roseville. The owner learned to make pies in the 50s at a diner in the Dakotas somewhere, before moving to the Twin Cities and opening a Chinese restaurant. It's not expensive either.

          House of Wong
          Roseville, MN, Roseville, MN

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            I love good banana cream pie, and there isn't much of it around. I mean made from scratch, not a lot of weird stuff including those fried banana discs that some places put on top. Birchwood Cafe has a reputation for making a good one but over the years I've hardly ever seen it there. I did read recently that they had one, might have had a bit of chocolate in it though. They would definitely bake a whole one though for $30 or so, I've never wanted to spend that much but I'm sure it would be fabulous...

            I also have a distant memory of some great banana cream pie at Turtle Bread Co. years ago, with many many layers of very thinly sliced fresh bananas in it- they might custom bake one for you.

            Birchwood Cafe
            3311 E 25th St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

            1. re: faith

              Man $30 for a pie as easy Banana Cream is crazy.

            2. re: sarahcooks

              OK, that goes right to the top of my must try list.


            3. The only memorable Banana Cream pie I've had was @ Norske Nook in Osseo, WI. All of their pies are epic.