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Raleigh Recommendations?

Raleigh hounds, I'll be visiting for business and would like recommendations for restaurants near North Hills. I'd prefer local treasures over chains, but local/regional chains are fine too as long as they are chowhound worthy. Thanks hounds!

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  1. Coquettes (French Brasserie) and Vivace (Italian) are both good choices at North Hills.

    1. I'm not a huge fan of N. Hills but I'd also consider Mura (sushi) in the complex and also St. Jacques (French) which is further north. Have heard great things about St. Jacques but have yet to stop by...

      1. Take a look @ Margaux's menu. It is a "locally" owned & operated treasure that has been great since it opened almost 20 years ago. It is only about 10 minutes from North Hills area, well worth the short drive.

        Never had anyone not thank me for sending them there.

        Margaux's Restaurant
        8111 Creedmoor Rd Ste 111, Raleigh, NC 27613

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          Thanks so much! I should have added that anything within a 15 minute car ride is OK too. Thanks again Raleigh hounds.

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            A 15 min. ride opens up a great many possibilities, including downtown. Is this for just you or are looking for a place to bring clients/colleagues? Any particular meals or cuisines? Any price range you prefer?

            The suggestions made are at the higher end of moderate - not break the bank, but if you are budget minded there are many good less expensive options within your driving range.

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              Both to bring clients and then just for us co-workers (we've got 2-3 dinners and one lunch). No specific cuisines, but local treasures and local dishes would be good to try. Would love an authentic NC BBQ rec. If it's slightly upscale maybe we could do it for a dinner but anything goes for lunch. Thanks!

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                Well given that, you do have some options in downtown Raleigh. For que, check out the Pit (upscale) or Clyde Coopers. Shockingly, there's not a lot of que in Raleigh proper.

                For more Southern, local spots, I'd recommend Hayes Barton Cafe, the Rockford, Pooles Diner. Some other nice spots are Natty Greenes (brewpub), Capital Club 16, Cafe Caturra, Buku, Raleigh Times and Oakwood Cafe (cuban/argentinian). Enjoy!

                Raleigh Times Bar
                14 E Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601

                Oakwood Cafe
                300 E Edenton St, Raleigh, NC 27601

        2. I'd say the Pit for sure for bbq in an upscale setting. Also Poole's Diner is great. I like Dos Taquitos Centro for upscale Mexican food. All of these are downtown. Market in downtown is decent as well, and it's right next to an awesome local chocolate shop called Escazu. I've never been to Coquette or Vivace, but both are in North Hills and supposed to be good. Flights is the restaurant in the North Hills Marriott and I've heard it is very good. For lunch or something much more casual, I like Bali Hai Mongolian Grill, Mami Nora's chicken (Peruvian), or Fonda Y Birreria Jalisco (Mexican), all of which are cheap and pretty close to North Hills.

          1. Poole's Diner is definitely local and so is Lilly's Pizza. Waraji is not much further out of down town than North Hills and along that same road is Sawasdee Thai.

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              While Poole's Diner is local and great food, I would not recommend it for a business diner. It is way too noisy and crowded for that. 18 seaboard or j betski's both have good food, are local and more geared toward biasness dinners.

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                J. Betski's is a terrific suggestion. They are open for lunch too.

            2. Fonda y Birrieria Jalisco is good, but pretty loud, especially if the juke box is going. Banda/grupero music al máximo volumen may not be what you're looking for.

              The Pit is a good choice for NC barbecue. Get the chopped barbecue if you want the real thing.

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                The Pit had primo BBQ. Loved the chopped BBQ and the chopped turkey as well. The baked beans were terrific too. Everyone in a party of 8 loved it, including a couple of us who were true BBQ connoisseurs. Service was terrific too. Thanks NC hounds for the great recommendation.

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                  Glad you liked The Pit. Not a personal favorite of mine but I seem to be in the minority with that opinion (also didn't like Coquette which again casts me at odds with most folks).

                  Backyard Bistro over by the RBC is my personal favorite for ribs and Q in Raleigh...being that the capital city is extremely weak when it comes to bbq.