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Mar 12, 2011 05:14 PM

Formosa in Poughkeepsie - a fabulous find

We had a wonderful authentic Taiwanese lunch today at Formosa in Poughkeepsie. Read about the place just this morning on Chowhound, in a thread about bubble tea in the Hudson Valley. It sounded so good (with equally rave reviews on Yelp) that we drove the hour from western CT. Well worth the trip (for hardcore foodies like us).

We sampled 5 plates - all winners.

Scallion pancake with sliced beef and egg (lovely)
Steamed pork bun (yum)
BBQ pork
Fried rice with shrimp (best fried rice we've ever had)

Bubble teas were also great. At $30 total, it was a steal for food of that quality and deliciousness. The place has been open just two months. A bit hard to find - tucked into a strip mall across from Marist - but a lovely space inside. The owner was sweet and delightful and so excited that we had come from so far and were not sorry. She graciously treated us to the kitchen's own housemade sausage - so good.

We will definitely be back and hope that fellow Chowhounders in the area check this place out and frequent it. It's awesome to have authentic Asian cuisine in the area - let's keep it here!

And thanks to Chowhound for the tip!

11 Marist Drive
Poughkeepsie, NY

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  1. My co-works and I went to lunch at the Formosa Cuisine today. We were definitely impressed their foods.

    Our order:
    Pineapple, Shrimp & Chicken Fired Rice,
    Grilled Seasoned Eel Bento,
    Seafood Lo Mein,
    Fire Pork Chop,
    Bubble Tea
    All the food tasty so DELICIOUS and perfectly cooked. And it is enough to satisfy our appetite.

    The bubble tea (I had the taro), the tea is brewed fish + Tapioca pretty soft, chewy and slightly sweet.

    I am definitely a fan, will be coming here more often.

    Formosa Cuisine
    11 Marist Drive, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

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    1. re: anhamilton11

      I come here at least once if not twice a week for lunch with a bunch of co-workers as well. The food is always very very good and their fried rice is the best I've had in the area bar none! The fried rice has this amazing smoky flavor that just overwhelms you with every bite. The Taiwanese specialties are as authentic as it can possibly be according to my co-workers that are from Taiwan.

      My recommendations for dishes are:

      Popcorn Chicken (Taiwanese style served with deep fried basil)
      Any fried rice dish, this is definitely a must have!
      The FRIED pork chop
      The Hot and Sour soup is one of the best I've ever had, and I am not a fan of this style of soup but have it all the time here because it simply is delicious.
      The dumplings with soup inside (Siao long tung bao.. not sure how to spell it) are a unique delight as well.

      I also usually get the Taro bubble tea which is made FRESH to order.

      Overall this place has become my favorite restaurant for authentic asian cuisine in this area and I am very thankful.

      1. re: zeddic

        Ditto everyones favorable comments.Yes the rice was unbelievably goodas well as their Taiwanese noodle soup w stewed beef,and their oyster omelette.I found a new home!Try the bbq pork w scallions

    2. family and i went recently and were quite happy! we had:

      pork bun (which was HUGE - about the size of 2-3 normal pork buns)
      xiao long bao (8? slightly smaller than used to, but that's fine)
      popcorn chicken
      ham/peas/carrots/corn fried rice
      string chicken over rice.

      i think the string chicken / rice was deliberately bland (it was for the kids), the rest was good. popcorn chicken worked great with the spicy sauce on the, pork bun dough was outstanding. will have to get back with friends and try some of the other dishes when we can...

      1. Hi,

        Does anyone know if they serve breakfast? Stuff like soy milk, shao bing, you taio, etc. Thanks.

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        1. re: StarStrider

          I don't believe they do.

          Here's a link to their menu on their Facebook page:

        2. I was looking forward to tyring Formosa on my way home from Dutchess/Columbia last week. I was really sick and purposely drove home via 9 because I was on a mission to cure myself with their hot and sour soup. I was so dissapointed to find they are closed on Sunday. A shout out to the two Marist students who helped me locate the restaurant ( not easy the first time). I am hoping to try it on my way up Friday.

          1. was there today:
            - bubble tea, very good
            - popcorn chicken very good
            - fried pork chop over rice, delicious

            No Xiaolongbao on the menu. They said they'd prepare on request. Will definitely be back.

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            1. re: vinouspleasure

              If you really want try the excellence and authentic way they cook try their special dishes from their new menu.I eat there twice a week and have tried 10 of the new menu dishes.each one was a winner with at distinctive taste

              1. re: jsigalow

                what have you had that you've liked? I've read the Cha Siu Bao is not great (miss on the bread to meat ratio), yes?