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Brennan & Carr

menton1 Mar 12, 2011 04:48 PM

Is this as good (or almost as good) as the famous dipped Chicago beef sandwiches?

Brennan & Carr
3432 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229

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    Tay RE: menton1 Mar 13, 2011 12:52 AM


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    1. re: Tay
      menton1 RE: Tay Mar 13, 2011 06:17 AM

      So is B & C worth a visit anyway? Folks rave about the dipped beef sandwich...

      1. re: menton1
        Jeffsayyes RE: menton1 Mar 13, 2011 01:53 PM

        the atmosphere is very interesting. Old school Brooklyn. Also, west of there on Ave U is a lot of great food. The area is definitely worth a visit.

        1. re: Jeffsayyes
          chorosch RE: Jeffsayyes Mar 15, 2011 11:11 AM

          It's worth a trip, but not for the food. The sandwiches are ok, but the atmosphere is unique. You don't find many restaurants like this anymore.

        2. re: menton1
          Tay RE: menton1 Mar 13, 2011 10:10 PM

          Terminally salty 'gravy' and over tenderized meat... Not worth a specific trip

      2. r
        razeup RE: menton1 Mar 13, 2011 02:03 PM

        Completely different. The beef isn't heavily spiced, nor are any sort of peppers added. Its just the beef on a roll thats dipped in the broth, with american cheese and/or cooked onions added if you want (I get it plain). B&C has its detractors on here, but I love it and it has a large following.

        1. s
          secondbecky RE: menton1 Mar 15, 2011 08:45 AM

          I was excited to try it after seeing it on Man vs. Food. (yes I'm one of those) I was a bit dissapointed and I didn't think the jus was that full of flavor. I would probably not go back, however, I did have a decent meal.
          I think Da Fonte's in Red Hook does it best - its the most juicy roast beef I've ever experienced - without having to dip it in any jus!

          1. Motosport RE: menton1 Mar 15, 2011 08:46 AM

            I've never had the Chicago style beef sammiches but I have to defend Brennan and Carr. I.M.H.O. their sammiches are excellent and unique. Quintessential Brooklyn!!
            I get mine triple dipped with sauteed onions. Mouth watering!!
            Certainly worth the trip. Try it and report back.

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            1. re: Motosport
              GoodGravy RE: Motosport Mar 15, 2011 10:35 PM

              I dunno what people expect, but B&C is solid and tasty and a place like that (authentic, original) is hard to find. It's not an Italian beef sandwich, but Brooklyn ain't Chicago so don't expect it to taste like one. Too bad Jahn's closed. An ice cream sundae from Jahns was a great way to wrap up a good meal.

              1. re: GoodGravy
                menton1 RE: GoodGravy Mar 16, 2011 07:27 AM

                Addie Vallins was too!

                1. re: GoodGravy
                  Motosport RE: GoodGravy Mar 16, 2011 10:09 AM

                  Great memories of Jahn's. We'd go there when it was someone's birthday and they would get a free sundae. Always wanted to get their "Kitchen Sink" which was a huge platter with 20 (or so) different flavors of ice cream covered with as many sauces, nuts and sprinkles as possible. Whipped cream too!!! Dessert for the whole gang!!

              2. b
                bklynsausage RE: menton1 Mar 17, 2011 06:45 PM

                B&C is worth visiting but it is not Chicago beef nor the best RB in Brooklyn. IMO these places have much better RB.

                Johns Deli on Stilwell Ave.
                Montes Deli on Ave. O
                DeFontes in Red Hook.


                Defonte's Sandwich Shop
                379 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

                Monte's Deli & Catering
                156 Avenue O, Brooklyn, NY 11204

                John's Deli
                2033 Stillwell Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223

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                1. re: bklynsausage
                  foodiemom10583 RE: bklynsausage Mar 18, 2011 12:11 PM

                  I'm waiting for hubby to bring home a Roll-n-Roaster rare roast beef with cheez and sauteed onions, side of sweet potato fries. It may not have made the trek retaining any warmth, but I'm jonesing for it. Used to live close to Brennan Carr and I never crave it like I crave Roll-n-Roaster. I think it's the fermented tang of the buns and the extra-sweet onions.

                  2901 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

                  1. re: foodiemom10583
                    Motosport RE: foodiemom10583 Mar 18, 2011 12:58 PM

                    Roll-n-Roaster!!! MMMMMMMMMMM!!!
                    Anything you want slathered in a sea of cheese sauce.

                    1. re: Motosport
                      foodiemom10583 RE: Motosport Mar 19, 2011 08:49 AM

                      Dang, that sandwich was good. Moto, that cheez makes anything tasty. The sweet potato fries are now cut into ridged potato chip shapes, just like the regular fries. I think I liked the thicker fries better, but they were still good. My son was thrilled with his medium rare ribeye steak sandwich and sauteed onions (no cheez for him).

                      I miss some of their old menu items. They used to have coconut custard pie that was quite decent. Also liked the turkey sandwich (kind of a turkey breast steak) with cranberries. Their fried shrimp is still good, thank G-d.

                      1. re: foodiemom10583
                        Motosport RE: foodiemom10583 Mar 19, 2011 07:15 PM

                        MMMM!! My mouth is watering!! Why did I move from Brooklyn??

                        1. re: Motosport
                          bklynsausage RE: Motosport Mar 20, 2011 05:57 AM

                          I made the visit last night R+R is still good. I was there about 9:00 and it was packed. Nocheez for me pleez. And Moto I have no idea why I moved from Bklyn either... But it is still in my blood..


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