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Mar 12, 2011 03:55 PM

Tower Theater??

Is there anywhere around the Tower to have a good dinner before a show? Neil Young in April and Chelsea Handler in May.

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  1. Little Saigon on Fairfield is really excellent Vietnamese food. Highly recommended.

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      I have been on a vietnamese kick lately and decided to stop by Little Saigon the other day. I dunno if it was an off night or what, but my food was downright POOR! My wife and I ordered 2 portions of the goi cuon (summer roll) appetizer and they had absolutely no flavor to them. Even the brown dipping sauce wasn't too flavorful. The entrees of bun thit nuong (chargrilled pork over rice vermicelli) were also a big disappointment. The meat was gristly and overly fatty, and just had an odd texture to it (felt breaded). I have been going to Little Saigon off and on for over 15 yrs (off and on being once every 6 months or so with family), and I can honestly say I cannot reccomend this place anymore. The owners are SUPER NICE and know all their customers by first name, but I would suggest going around the corner to Cafe Anh Hong instead for quicker, fresher food for much cheaper.

    2. Don Memo's at Terminal Square is also very good Mexican, within walking distance (maybe 2-3 blocks -- 2 stores away from Saigon) Saigon is also very good Vietnamese food, been going there for over 10-15 years.

      There's also another little Vietnamese cafe around the corner from the 2 restaurants mentioned above called Cafe Anh Hong. Above average Vietnamese food and they sell Banh Mi and bubble tea if you need food on the go. There's also alot of Korean places to eat too in the food court above the H-Mart.

      Pica's on West Chester Pike is about 3-4 mins away driving on West Chester Pike. Decent Italian and alot of people rave about their square pizzas.

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        Thanks so much for the recommendations!

        1. re: yummykimmy

          i'm going to the Neil young show also and I'll probably go to Don Memo's. I went there months ago before a show and the food is decent Mexican. I remember that it got so crowded and I think a lot of the people there were also going to the show.

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          Tomo Sushi is another one of the spots in the food court above H-Mart... definitely recommended if you need a quick place to eat before a show at the Tower. Great rolls for a great price and just a few minutes walk from the Tower (added bonus - better street parking... meters run until 9pm and an easy-in/out $5 lot across the street)